Sunday, April 30, 2017

Y ~ Yikes

  This afternoon my whole family went on a delightful little excursion to one of our favorite spots in the world. The breeze greeting us was very appreciated because it was hot outdoors and even with the breeze I was much too warm.

  Diane and I found many clumps of frog eggs in the water so we stopped to look at them. If you have never seen frog eggs you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that they look extremely disgusting. After we had gaped and gagged for a sufficient amount of time, we moved onward eagerly, awaiting all the other treasures we were sure to find on our walk.

  For the most part, Diane and I stuck to the tiny winding trail but we did take a detour when we spotted a giant lilac bush that we wanted to smell. After wading through knee high grass we arrived at the lilac bush. It smelled so good, delightful, and scrumptious, like the stuff a dream is made of.

  At the end of our trail we arrived at "The Elf's Mirror" (the name I gave to the rippling lake that resides beside the trail.) Diane and I paused and tried to catch the newts that were warming themselves at the shallow parts along the bank.

  We gave up on catching a newt after a few minutes and then we began a trek around the lake. We passed two beaver dams and chatted the whole way until I passed a little shrub growing in the water. Something shook the dry grass blades in that little shrub so Diane and I stopped to investigate. We noticed a few more newts but nothing in the shrub. I gave up on my search but a few seconds later it shook and rustled again. My curiosity was piqued. I bent down and shook the bush.

  A slimy, orange and brown snake popped it's head right out in my face. I don't remember what exactly Diane screamed, but whatever it was I joined her and we went shrieking away. I might be able to squish spiders, trap stink bugs, and crush snails without even flinching, but I absolutely do not claim any wits around snakes.

  Our walk ended soon after the snake episode and we all left with delightfully rosy complexions. (Also known as sunburns.)



  1. That sounds like my kind of walk! Except for the snake...

  2. A great walk, thanks for taking us along :)


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