Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P ~ Pictures

  You know, sometimes I can not understand myself. Like today, when my Mum announced to us girls that we were supposed to have our yearbook pictures taken, all I wanted to do was scream and run the other direction.

  I don't have a very good history with posing for pictures, any look at our albums would prove that fact. I don't get it though, because, even though I look okay in the mirror, in pictures I look  terrifying.

  Even though I protested vehemently, my Mum got a picture, not only of my sister (who is very pretty) but of me as well. I wanted to share those pictures with you today, not because I'm proud of how I look, but because once again I didn't have any ideas for this blog post, saving the topic I'm writing about right now.

  The pictures are below, I added in pictures of all my siblings, because I love them all, and quite frankly, why not?

   This is of my very handsome older brother Eldon.

   This is of my very beautiful younger sister Diane.

  This is of my little brother Sean, who is obviously amused about something.

  And this one is of me. This was literally the only acceptable picture from my photo shoot today. I had posed holding a bouquet of daffodils but it looked as if I was in love with them, I had posed with a book but it stole my thunder, I had posed on my Dad's Peterbilt but almost fell off of the steps, and I posed in front of our flowering bush, but even though there were dozens of photos to chose from my facial expressions in every single one of them was weird, and that is why this is the only picture.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful family you all are! Many thanks for sharing these photos. They really are too nice not to share and I love the smiles you all have.


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