Monday, April 10, 2017

H ~ Happy Jar

  When I was probably thirteen I was really in that point in my life where I was certain I was having the best time ever, and that my golden years were upon me,  because of that I had wanted to save every single last memory and adventure by recording it through means of journals, diaries, and a certain invention of mine, the happy jar.

  I finally finished spring cleaning my room and while I was clearing out all of my old junk, I came across this little jar and knew it would be perfect for a blog post.

  The rules for this little jar were very simple, every time something brought a smile to my face, whether it was a certain scent, object, activity, etc. I would copy it onto a little piece of paper and fold it into an airplane before placing it into my little jar. The reason why I folded them into airplanes was because the shape made me very happy, and they were so cute!

  Here is my little jar.


  1. Thanks for sharing this as it made me happy just thinking of your jar. It is something I want to do myself, but also include the things I am grateful for. IN other words, another reminder for me to count my blessings. I won't be able to fold mine into airplanes that will actually fly, though! My paper airplanes drop from the sky without being able to fly across the table.

  2. Happy Jars are fun! My daughter's preschool teacher made them for all the children by writing down the cute things the children said in the course of a year and then presented the jars to the parents.


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