Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J ~ Jen Turano

  Pretty much everyone I know, absolutely loves to read and I understand it completely because I myself absolutely love to read, it sparks the imagination and serves as such a delightful past time, and is definitely the hobby I indulge in on my schedule.

  I'm sure a few of you know that my Mum is an author, and back when she was just releasing her books, her publishing company let her choose ten free books for every book that she published as an added perk to being part of their publishing house. Along with several other really good books, my Mum landed upon some absolutely terrific books, several of them which happened to be my very favorites, those books are written by Jen Turano and are apparently part of a series which I'm missing a book or two from.

  I absolutely love Jen Turano's writing style, I fell in love with her books from the second Arabella glared at Theodore ( I hadn't read them in order, whoops!) I don't know why but I found it so refreshing that finally a romance book was a comedy, that it was light and relatable (because truly I think we all have several people we'd love to throw onions at and give a good prod with our parasols.)

  I took several pictures of the books I have of hers so you can see what they are, I had issues with the camera so I'm sharing more than one picture so you can better see the one book that had been glaring at me in the light.
I so dearly want the next book which has kind of been working up throughout each of the first three books.


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