Friday, January 30, 2015

My Family

My Dad ~ A wonderful and caring leader of our bunch, He has brown hair, laughing blue eyes, and a dimple in his chin. He has a fun sense of humor. He's the best at everything, including chess.

My Mom ~ A loving Mother and role model, She has dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and softly colored skin, she loves writing, cooking, baking, and anything crafty.

My older brother, Eldon ~ A mischief loving addition to our family, He has dark brown hair, and dancing brown eyes. He loves farming and anything historic and ancient, and always makes time for his dog, Gypsy. He can be annoying, but I'm still glad he's my brother.

Myself ~  I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and pink colored cheeks, I love baking, painting, reading, and most definitely crocheting. A somewhat sarcastic sense of humor.

My little sister, Diane ~ A bubbly and sunny person, She has light brown hair, clear, blue eyes, and a sprinkling of freckles, she loves crafts, drawing, baking and helping people.

My little brother, Sean ~ A very lovable little boy. He has light brown hair, strange colored eyes, not blue, or green, or brown but kinda a combination of everything.  He has the most delightful little smile. He loves cats, dogs, and playing with his cars and puzzles, and has this strange obsession of trying to poke things down the register in the hall.