Thursday, April 13, 2017

K ~ Keen (As in the Old-Fashioned Saying for Awesome)

    Now, the word keen is not by any means a word in my daily vocabulary, yet for some reason when it came time for me to go about making a blog post I panicked because I had no ideas jotted down for K. In my great distress I tacked on  the first word I could think of.

  Something I think that is very "keen" is the fact that my landlord dropped in today with a terrific treasure that he had brought for me, you might as well hurry and fetch a cup of tea because I'm ready to launch into a little story.

  For some reason all of my tales (or at least the last one I told) begin when I walk past our windows and note some form of suspicious activity on our premises, this one begins just like that.

  Several months ago our landlord promised me a vintage sewing machine and little chest of drawers that his mother used to own, I was ecstatic of course and couldn't wait till he delivered them. Well it turns out that I did indeed have to wait, and wait I did, for a good long time.

  This afternoon I walked past our window and saw his truck parked in front of our porch. I was curious and went outdoors to investigate, I relished the feel of my bare feet pattering against the wooden slats on our porch in the fresh spring air. I ducked my head a bit as I hurried under the rhododendron bush that curled over the stairs in a lovely little arch that is honestly better suited for hobbits. The cool squish of soft ground met my feet as I flew to the truck in sheer delight upon seeing how in the back of his truck he had tied my little vintage sewing machine and chest of drawers.

  In moments he had helped me carry various things into my house (he had brought a big tin of buttons, a bag of bows, and various other items including numerous good quality spools of thread. I was beaming with delight and thanked him profusely. He said he was happy to have made my day and then he left to work with Eldon up in the fields.

  Diane and I hurried and in about twenty minutes we had completely rearranged our room and now we both have our own desks because my little machine cabinet makes a perfect desk that I love. I must say that topped with one of my Grandma's crocheted doilies, my little desk looks as if it could fit perfectly into an Amish girl's room. I love my room even more now, and can't wait to go write in my diary tonight. Usually I would share a picture with you of whatever I yapped about but it's late tonight and I don't quite feel up to doing that task, perhaps on a later date you will all become acquainted with my desk, but till tomorrow, adieu.

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