Saturday, April 22, 2017

S ~ Smash Book/ Art Journal

  I have no idea why in the world I ever had an excuse to be bored in my life, when the art of keeping a smash book, or an art journal, for that matter, existed out there, somewhere, just waiting for me to discover yet another passion in my life.

  Just a few days ago I discovered an art journal for the first time. I came across a video on YouTube by Johanna Clough on how to make you own art journal, binding it and all. Now, since I am recently really into binding books, I was willing to give it a go, and now I am in love with art-journaling.

  The lady I mentioned is a very young stay at home wife and mother who spends late nights creating in her journals. In overall perspective I admire her greatly and know that if you watch her videos you'll love her too. Besides, she has an Australian accent, and I absolutely love such accents!

  So far I have created three journals and am working on my fourth. The first one I'm using, two of them are going to be gifts, and the one I'm working on right now will be my first real art journal. If you have ever art-journalled (I have no idea how to spell that, or if it is even a legitimate phrase) and you have any favorite tips or anything, please feel free to let me know what they are because I would appreciate them very much.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I, too, love the dark chocolate but have been trying to stay away from sweets lately!! Love your blog - tried to follow and kept getting a FORBIDDEN message! Will try again later!!

    1. That's strange that you got a "Forbidden" message. I'll have to try and figure out what is wrong. But until then, I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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