Thursday, April 27, 2017

W ~ Wheels

  I'm sure my Mum will be ready to question my sanity after she reads this post of mine, because I freely admit that I desperately wanted a terrific adventure today, and we just had to end up having an almost normal day.

  This morning my Mum and I left to run over to the bank and pick up a few things for dinner. The errands sounded simple enough, and even dull, though executing them was anything but dull, or simple.

  We were driving peacefully down the road, happily discussing various lists we wanted to create, and some projects I was working on. The day was particularly gorgeous and birds were chirping and flying everywhere (I saw a dove for the first time in my entire life today), a squirrel scampered across the road, and our hearts were gloriously light. Spring does have a way of doing that. Then, all of a sudden we heard a strange clang, and then a steady thump-da-dump-thump-clack-a-dump-thump.

  If we would have been in a movie, that specific scene would have been in slow motion. Mum and I turned (in slow motion of course) and looked at each other and then craned our necks to look out our windows.

  A few minutes later, the thump-da-dump-thump-clack-a-dump-thumps were getting a lot more vigorous and even thumpier. Mum and I panicked in unison and we began to pray. It so seems that two of our tires were loose and having a jolly good time terrifying the two innocent females that were depending upon them.

  My Mum does not have a cell phone so our minds were extremely busy playing out scenes of our tires flying off and us having to climb out and walk to where my Dad was at work (a good many miles away) to get help. Mum was not enjoying herself at all, but for some completely absurd reason I was secretly hoping, or at least planning on not minding it at all if our tires did indeed pop right off, because I wanted a good adventure and goodness knows that having to walk for hours on end due to a "clack-happy" vehicle would not only count as a terrific adventure, but boy would it ever make a good blog post. (Yes, I do think of blogging throughout the day.)

  Anyways, when we got to the bank Mum parked, took care of her business and then upon returning to our minivan, she fished out a tire iron from the back and walked up to our front tires. Mum quickly discovered that our tires were very loose, that fact was readily proven when she easily turned the bolts in the tire.

  I felt very much like a helpless female as I stood by and watched my Mum twiddle around with the tire iron (Is it just me or does tire iron sound like a name given by a child?) Then we rode onward and Mum did drive over to my Dad's workplace so that he could tighten the tires for her. We thanked my dear Dad, and then the rest of our errand running was quite uneventful (unless you count the time when our cart gave us a good run, but, that's a story for another time.)

  That was the end to that whole affair and even now as I am writing this post late at night, I still can't help but wonder what could have been if our tires had actually flown off.


  1. Wow! If your tires had come off, you would not have been able to steer or brake, which would have been exciting indeed! I'm glad all is well!

  2. Yikes! You can be very thankful that those tires did not come off, you could have had a serious accident or rolled the car. But, with that being said, I am glad it all turned out well for you and you had a story to blog about :-) Wendy

  3. Oh my gosh. I had a tire break off one time. it was the front passenger tire of my small escort car. I was on an interstate in the middle of the night. I became airborne and landed in the grassy area between the lanes. My son who was only 6 at the time slept through it, LOL. I got a bump on my head from the side window.


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