Friday, April 21, 2017

R ~ Recipe Box

  I have done a fair few "Favorite Things" posts (like, maybe four) and even though this following post may classify as a favorite thing (which would have been better suited for an "F" post), I still think it makes a smashing post for today.

  I absolutely love baking, in fact it is my life, my heart, you get the picture I'm sure. And honestly I'm not a very tidy baker, or cook, or anything of the sort in the kitchen. In fact, every time Sean helps me create something out in our little kitchen, I always manage to spill something all over the counters and across the cupboards and floors. And every time I do that Sean waves his little mixing spoon, shakes his head and laughs as he tells me I'm very mischievous. I love his definition of mischievous!

  But anyways, my point is that I'm not tidy at all with anything related to creating things in the kitchen, and that knack for messiness spreads even to all the many recipes I have scattered all over our home. I always have a good handful of current recipes stacked randomly on my Mum's counters, others stuck all over my room, a heap of them scattered around our computer desk, and, because I really tried to be organized, a few of those recipes ended up in one of my several recipe boxes.

  With such devotion to my recipes, I thought it only fitting to make a post about them and to share a picture of one of my explosions with you.

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