Tuesday, April 18, 2017

O ~ Outdoors

  Finally, gorgeous weather and beautiful flowers are springing up everywhere outside and I can't help but feel perfectly happy. As much as I love Summer and Fall, I love Spring with an undying passion too.

  This evening I hurried outside to take some pictures, I am no photographer in the least, so while I would be completely prepared to blame everything on poor lighting and shakiness from my near frozen knuckles, I have come clean and simply have to admit, I'm not good at taking pictures.

  Anyways, I went ahead and took pictures despite my lack in skill, and tonight you get to see how it looks right now outdoors in my own yard.

   My brother Eldon matter-of-factly pointed out that I have a brick in the background of this picture, "Who cares, it looks artisan" I told him.

   This is a picture of our chicken-less chicken coop with grapevines that climbed over it.

   Here is a picture of that fateful hamster wheel that gave my sister and I such an adventure. I have to smile every time I see it.

     This is a picture of an old stump that resides underneath our lilac bush. When I was much younger I loved perching on it and pretending to be a princess during early summer when the lilacs were blooming.

  This is a picture of our dear cat who's official name is Pepper, but everyone calls her kitty. She's very pregnant again, though the picture doesn't really do justice to how large her tummy is.  

   Here is another picture of our little chicken coop. I love how mighty and impressively tall the pine trees look. I always feel like a little dwarf beside them.

  And lastly here is a picture of our pretty yellow, flowery bush which I used to pretend belonged to nature fairies who used the petals to make sunshine.

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