Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Highlights of 2018 - Part Three

  I'm back to finish up the highlights of my past year. It's been a lot of fun to be able to see all of the things that we were up to in 2018 and I can't wait to see what adventures 2019 holds for all of us.

  Without further ado I shall get right into September.

  • We celebrated Labor Day with apple pie 
  • Sean and I raked the yard and he decided to be my leaf jumper (he squished the leaves into the tub we were using to carry the leaves by jumping all over the leaves as I scooped them in)
  • I requested a heap of books from the library - to quote from my diary - 
  • An adorable little hornet decided to rest in my curls 
  • I accidentally turned on my turn signals instead putting on my low beams as I passed someone on the road, I felt as if I had just added insult to injury
  • I got to listen to a speaker from Nicaragua
  • Eldon's fiancee came over several times just to hang out and enjoy dinner with us
  • I had a bit of a Dick van Dyke watching session
  • My driver's test was officially scheduled for October the 11th
  • Sean celebrated his stuffed bear's birthday and I even baked a tiny birthday cake for him
  • I drove rather adventurously through the fog to get to my Dad's workplace to deliver something he needed and ended up backing down the long lane to his shop due to my highly interesting driving skills
  • I began focusing more on practicing my parallel parking
  • I read some spin-off fairy tale books
  • We commemorated 9.11.
  • I spent an afternoon with one of my good friends
  • I got to listen to the very inspiring testimony of a young missionary at our church
  • Mum spent an afternoon with one of her good friends
  • I came to know of one of the greatest violinists in the U.S, a.k.a Brian King Joseph
  • Mum treated Sean, Diane, and I to a lunch at a hibachi grill and it was the greatest thing I've ever experienced in any restaurant
  • Eldon built a bunch of shelves for my Mum
  • I baked a bunch of recipes from Mary Berry's baking book

  •  Diane, Mum, and I cleaned out our vehicle 
  • Sean and I spent a lot of time raking the yard (especially picking the leaves out of our flowerbeds)
  • I read "The Book Jumper"
  • Eldon butchered a cow and hence provided our family with a bunch of meat
  • We bought a big freezer for our basement 
  • Diane and I got be part of the cleanup crew for a stand our church had provided in a festival
  • I practiced my driving a bit more in preparation for the big test day
  • Mum, Diane, and I varnished the shelves that Eldon and Dad built
  • I failed my driver's test (this was by no means a highlight in the month, it's only in this list because it was monumental)
  • I began practicing my parallel parking in earnest (my dear Dad set up a spot using buckets and upturned brooms until I learned to do so for myself)
  • My Aunt and Uncle came by for a short visit
  • Dear Eldon kindly helped me carry all of our lovely new shelves into us girls' room. 
  • I did a bunch of writing both in my book and as random scribblings in my journals
  • Diane accompanied Eldon and I for the first time to the senior youth gatherings at our church
  • All of my friend's took their driver's tests and passed at first try
  • My Dad helped me some more with my parallel parking practice (I took my practicing very seriously and did roughly fifteen hours of practice in prep for test take number two)
  • I got to meet a bunch of new people at church 
  • We gave our librarians some cupcakes 
  • I passed my driver's test and simultaneously had one of the best days in my entire life
  • Us womenfolk accompanied by Sean cleaned out our attic 

  • I officially became an "adult" in the library's eyes
  • Eldon and his best friend hung out often to work on my brother's truck
  • My parents gifted me with an entire pint of the most delicious ice cream ever in celebration of me passing my driver's test (the ice cream was in the flavor of "Chubby Hubby" by Ben and Jerry's, in case you're wondering my parents totally bought it for me because the name amused them)
  • Daylight Savings time ended and it felt like we were all gifted with an extra hour of sleep
  • One of my best friends came over to spend a fun day going on walks, talking, and eating brownies
  • Diane and I discovered that it's impossible to speak Pennsylvania Dutch with a British accent but it is possible to speak it with a Russian or Italian accent
  • My friend pointed out the fact that the pillows on my bed are the exact shade of purple as Barney the dinosaur
  • Diane and I began making Christmas ornaments for our tree
  • Everyone began planning out presents and running secretive little shopping trips
  • Diane and I fell in love with Michael BublĂ©'s Christmas music
  • I got hired by a sweet family from church to clean house once a week
  • My sister's friends visited her several times
  • I spotted a man in Walmart with his shopping cart full of fifteen heads of lettuce (and the man himself was rapidly filling up a third bag brimming with avocados) I so dearly would have liked to ask what his plans are for it
  • Mum made a fancy dinner just because
  • Diane and I watched "The Long Long Trailer"
  • We went to my Dad's parents' home to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and our relatives and Eldon's darling fiancee was kind enough to come along 
  • One of the librarian's and I realized we're both not Bob Ross in the slightest and we discussed our various art failures 
  • We set up our Christmas trees

  • I baked a bunch so that I'd be able to contribute to the food department of Diane and Sean's group play
  • My family attended the home school play that Sean and Diane took part in 
  • One of my best friend's and I spent a day Christmas shopping and had quite the adventurous time of it
  • We got all of our Christmas gifts bought, created, and wrapped
  • We baked a bunch of cookies and Christmas treats
  • Eldon took me out for a fun evening of perusing stores and then treated me at a restaurant 
  • We went to the library quite often and Diane's stacks of books have officially become much taller than mine
  • Mum baked all of her traditional fruitcake
  • We celebrated my Dad's birthday
  • We celebrated Sean's birthday
  • Eldon's fiancee and our family had a bit of a Christmas exchange and pizza night
  • I had to do panicked shopping when I discovered one of my friends bought a Christmas gift for me and I had nothing in return as I was completely unprepared
  • I got to talk with very nice people that I met for the first time 
  • My siblings and I attended a lunch fundraiser at our church
  • My parents attended a Christmas party
  • The very kind wife of our landlord dropped in to celebrate Sean's birthday the day before
  • We celebrated Christmas Eve with good food, stories, and stuff 
  • We celebrated Christmas and was it ever a good one!
  • We ate our gingerbread houses in celebration of New Year's Eve

   And there you have it, or as the French say, voila. Our year was very long but you can tell it was rather full of lovely happenings. I always knew that life isn't measured by the greatest and grandest of occasions, but rather by the everyday moments. 

  While I was stressing over my upcoming driver's test my Dad told me something that can be applied to everything in life, not just getting a driver's license and I want to share it with you because once applied to life, everything becomes happier. I shall paraphrase it because it's far more applicable that way, otherwise it only applies to those ready to parallel park. "You can't always control every situation, but you can always pray and rejoice in everything."

  I hope your year is a wonderful and a happy one, and until my next post, fare thee well.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Highlights of 2018 - Part Two

  Today has to be one of the loveliest and sunniest days yet of this year (never mind the fact that it has only been two weeks) and so with the beautifully glistening snow outside my window to keep me company as I write, I shall set about creating another post.

  I left off after finishing the month of April so I shall pick up with May.

The Highlights of 2018 - Part Two

  •  I practiced my parking skills
  • We finished school and entered summer break
  • I started a scripture writing challenge that I found on Pinterest
  • My sister Diane and our little brother Sean went splashing through our creek
  • Diane went to a cookout with her friends
  • I baked cupcakes for our homeschool group
  • I got an Instagram account
  • All of my friends were persuaded to play carpet ball with me
  • I decided to "wing" making a dress, including creating the pattern
  • I was gifted an adorable silver spoon
  • Mum picked up Downton Abbey at the library and I established a tea and movie time each week
  • I parked our vehicle successfully without hogging three spots (which is actually possible)
  • Mum and one of her friends had lunch dates and went walking (I tagged along once)
  • The home school group play was had and I said goodbye to the group for the last time
  • The dress I tried to "wing" sewing got stuffed into an unobtrusive corner in my closet
  • Dad and Eldon went to a lumber exposition 
  • Eldon officially got a girlfriend (who turned out to be my best friend from childhood)
  • Diane and I took up playing tennis
  • Eldon graduated from school
  • Eldon and I attended a folk music concert
  • I accidentally ran into one of my best friends at the library
  • Eldon and I attended one of our friend's graduation party
  • All of us siblings learned how to play slapjack
  • Mum took us to a beautiful old graveyard where I held a frog that used my hands as its restroom
  • My family (excepting Eldon and I) went to a wedding of my Mum's brother
  • Eldon and I attended several youth events
  • My friend and I went walking and then made homemade donuts
  • One of Diane's friends came over to have a cupcake baking day
  • My family went exploring at Cooper's Rock (where us children bought some pretty quartz)
  • Eldon and his girlfriend and her brother and a friend and I all started hanging out on Sunday evenings
  • A giant white duck chased my family (and we were in a vehicle!)
  • We all went wild strawberry picking
  • We all tried kombucha for the first time and I decided it's delicious
  • One of my dear friends got married
  • One of my cousins asked Eldon and I to be table waiters at her upcoming wedding
  • I got a bank account
  • Mum, Diane, Sean, and I cleaned out our basement
  • My Dad treated us all to pizza
  • Diane and her best friend started having library days where they went to the library and then spent an afternoon together reading books and nibbling on snacks
  • I sent in an application to a transcription company
  • Dad took Diane, Sean, and I on a hike with the goal to reach a bridge where we would sit and watch trains pass underneath  
  • Eldon and I went to watch the fireworks in town with some friends
  • Dad and Eldon worked from home for a little while
  • Dad and Mum gave me a bouquet of roses just because they loved me (and they gave Diane a special gift as well)
  • The transcription company I applied for accepted me and I was enrolled in training (I wasn't given a job but depending on how training went I would become a transcriptionist)
  • My friend asked me to come over to her place where we stroked her cats, watched movies, and went berry picking 
  • My family went on a hike to a darling little covered bridge where the more adventurous of us walked over the wet rocks and crossed under the bridge (being careful not to get swept up in the waterfall)
  • My sister and I went raspberry picking 
  • We attended my cousin's wedding and I got to talk with all of my beloved cousins again 
  • We went back to school shopping
  • We butchered chickens (a most gruesome task no matter how informative or useful)
  • Dad played baseball with Diane, Sean, and I
  • I got to drive on a big road for the first time ever (the kind where you drive at an unholy speed whilst weaving among potential life threats)
  • My family attended the graduation party of Eldon's girlfriend and I baked cupcakes for the event
  • We started up school again
  • Mum bought happy planners for us all and so Diane, Mum, and I began planning
  • Diane and I watched our first opera, perhaps you've heard of Semiramide? 
  • I actually got to sit under a weeping willow tree as the sun set
  •  I baked some sesame seed bread (my first enriched bread recipe ever aside from the disastrous brioche I once tried to create)
  • Mum made bunches of sweetcorn; so much that we were up to our ears in it (pun completely intended)
  • I was promoted in advance and became a full transcriptionist
  • Mum took us all to feed the ducks at the pond by our library (Sean was almost run over by the greedy little things)
  • One of Mum's brothers and his family stopped in for short visit
  • Mum and Dad had a date night at one of their favorite restaurants
  • Eldon became engaged
  • I met my Sunday school teachers at one of my favorite restaurants
  • Mum, Sean, Diane, and I went blackberry picking
  • My best friend and I went bike riding with her family
  • Eldon and his fiancee started having pizza nights with my family once a week
  • I finished reading through my whole Bible (it had been a goal)
  • We went to our country fair 
  • We watched bull riding (live) and I was thrilled when I found out that one of the bulls had been in the PBR
  • One of my good friends invited me over to her house where we chatted in a hammock (I love hammocks) and then baked cupcakes
  • Diane officially entered senior youth at our church after saying goodbye to junior youth
  • We went to the fair a second time and Dad gifted Diane and I with some money which we could spend on anything we pleased
  • We went to the Flight 93 memorial
  • Eldon's fiancee and her brother came over to play baseball like we used to back when we all little children
  • I was introduced to the books written by Harold Hill (some of the best books out there)

  The summer months were very busy for my entire family and even more precious memories were created. My desire for adventure was nourished and I enjoyed many delightful adventures both alone and accompanied by family. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Highlights of 2018

  The year of 2018 was a very long and eventful one for not only me but also my entire family. There were plenty of beautiful moments that I shall cherish for the rest of my life and there were some moments that weren't quite as grand (I believe most people call these the highs and lows of life) but in today's blog post I shall choose to focus on all of the positive things that happened, both big and small.

  One of my 2018 goals had been to complete six diaries, or one every two months, I didn't quite meet this goal for just yesterday I finished my sixth diary of 2018. I'm quite fond of my little stack and therefore I shall share a picture of them with you.

   I shall consult these friends of mine for today's post because my memory isn't wonderful enough to remember what happened in all of the months of 2018. But, before I jump into the highlights of my past year I must first introduce you to my diaries since that is the only proper thing to do. Starting from left to right I would like for you to say hello to Charlotte, Ella, Lavender, Annie, Luna, and Avril. Now that you have met them, I can continue.

      The Highlights of 2018

  •  I earned a 90% in my Algebra on the second day of January, of which I was immensely proud. 
  • One of my dear friends announced her engagement
  • I made a goal to become more outgoing (especially concerning talking to people I didn't know)
  • I read the Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
  • I fell in love (with strawberry mint soap that is) 
  • My family had dentist appointments and I got to sit in a chair with electrical malfunctions
  • I got to meet a bunch of new people 
  • Diane and I did some rather painful face masks
  • My brother bought his first vehicle
  • I turned sixteen            
  • I made a goal to expand my vocabulary
  • My Dad and I finished a very large puzzle whilst becoming crazier the longer it took
  • My Mum, Diane, and I had a bit of an "Austin and Ally" watching fest filled with tons of laughter
  • All of us celebrated the Superbowl with plenty of good food (I managed to avoid the game all day and then walked in the room just as the Eagles won, I'm rather skilled)
  • I gave up frivolous technology for Lent
  • Dad and I went shopping and I managed to hit every corner in the store with my shopping cart
  • My little brother learned the fine art of "testing" cookie dough
  • The winter Olympics began
  • Eldon (the oldest brother) began going to gym night with the youth
  • I had to take my physical to qualify for a learner's permit
  • Dad surprised Mum with pink roses
  • I received a letter from a "twin" 
  • I got my learner's permit
  • My siblings (excepting Sean) starting going to gym night with the youth 
  • I got my first driving lesson
  • My family got a new vehicle
  • My family all cared for me while I was quite ill
  • My siblings and I began going to another youth gathering at our church
  • An adorable little girl declared  me to be her puppy
  • We got to have Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • My Mum took my sister to her best friend's birthday party
  • Eldon and I signed up to take part in the Easter Choir at church 
  • Mum, Diane, and I spring cleaned our storage room
  • I began creating menus including recipes from a Rachel Khoo cookbook that my Mum gifted
  • I actually got a 96% on an Algebra test
  • Dad set up a bird feeder
  • We celebrated Eldon's birthday
  • Eldon and I sang in the Easter choir at church
  • I fell in love (with ping pong, that is)
  • Mum became the owner of a beautiful Bible journal
  • One of my friends and I decided to do a competition to see who could do the most algebra
  • Mum gifted me with a lovely devotional set
  • Us womenfolk (in the words of my diary) decided spontaneously to throw a birthday party for Diane
  • We attended a reptile viewing at our library
  • We actually had gorgeous weather for a day
  • We celebrated Mum's birthday
  • One of our cousins spent a little more than a week with us to help celebrate Mum's and Diane's birthdays
  • I was introduced to the game of carpet ball which I loved immensely 
  • I bought six books from the library for sixty-five cents
  • My Dad pulled a newborn calf out of the creek saving it's life and then fell in himself 
  It seems that this post would be insufferably long if I were to list all the great moments from the entire year of 2018, so I shall break it up into three posts of which this one is the first. So many of the lovely little occurrences I listed above deserve more than just a small spot as a bulleted sentence so I shall have to turn them into blog posts in the future. What were some of the highlights of your year? I would love it if you'd tell me in a comment.

  Until some later date, fare thee well.