Monday, April 24, 2017

T ~ Ten Things

  Yet again I am at the time in my life when I simply have to write a ten things post, and so I shall. My family is finally done with our school now for this term and I am absolutely ecstatic, because now, when I wake up at six in the morning I can quickly finish my chores and then have a glorious amount of time to craft, breathe, and enjoy life to it's very fullest. (Everyone knows that school is truly not that adored.)

  Today I shall be composing a list of ten things that I love to do in my free time, and I hope you will feel free to let me know what you like to do in your spare time.

  Now if this introduction failed to let you know what I'm about to blog about, then I'm sorry, but I even I can't help you there.

  My Favorite Past times

#1. Journalling. I love all kinds of journalling and look forward to discovering many more.

#2. I absolutely love to draw, and sketch, and paint, and scribble, you name it. I prefer just a regular old pencil, though I would never turn down a box of artist pencils.

#3. I love to bake, and cook, and create a jolly big mess in the kitchen.

#4. Reading. I couldn't believe my luck when I got to tote home a juicy stack of free classical novels last week. I can't wait to read Sherlock Holmes and all about Oliver Twist. (Though in my opinion, Charles Dickens was a very depressed writer and his life story just about broke my heart.)

#5. Spending an afternoon outdoors is such absolute fun. Especially after watching Beauty and the Beast. In fact, I really wanted to randomly run around the countryside singing songs at the top of my lungs today.

#6. Listening to music while working. Now don't get me wrong, listening to any old music doesn't cut  it with me, I have a particular taste and country music is simply not up to par.

#7. Watching craft tutorials and drawing tutorials. They're awesome.

#8. I love to write songs. I only write them very occasionally though because I need a muse, and most of the time I don't have one.

#9. Daydreaming. Who doesn't love day dreaming? Like I love to say "A dream is the night's soul."

#10. Writing. Oh how I love to write. It doesn't necessarily have to be a book. More times than not I like to organize my whole entire life with hundreds of lists and schedules. 


  1. You have so many talents and passions. I hope you are able to enjoy them all this summer. :)

    1. I have found that all of my passions can be a bit overwhelming at time, though I would miss them terribly if I didn't have them. I'm sure my summer will be terrific and I hope the same for you!

  2. All wonderful things... I love to garden and crochet fine thread doilies a big passion of mine. I too draw and I have to have a certain mood i call myself a mood drawler lol. Im a vintage girl so thrifting is driven inside my soul.. i used to read now its jus magazines. And trying to learn to read the bible.. nice to visit with you have a lovely rest of the week. With love Janice

    1. I have tried crocheting fine thread doilies but quickly discovered I don't have the patience for it, however going thrift shopping for all things vintage sounds like a dream. I hope that you too have a splendid week!


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