Saturday, April 8, 2017

G ~ Good Housekeeping (1950's Style)

  I have had a love for the olden days - specifically the 20's through the 60's - since I was ten years old and that love has only grown if anything since last year, so much in fact that when I came across a 1950's schedule for the average housewife I fell in love and immediately printed it out onto card stock and keep it firmly stuck to my fridge and follow it's rules whole-heartedly and with a heap of delight, because somehow it makes me feel just a little closer to that beloved decade of mine. And the plus to it is that our home is cleaner than it has ever been before.

  I'm sure I'm not the only lover of delightful vintage schedules and because I'm terribly kindhearted, and quite frankly need a blog post made, I will share my schedule with you.

          Daily Schedule
  1.   Throw back covers
  2. Open curtains and windows (obviously I don't open the windows throughout winter)
  3. Freshen up
  4. Make and serve breakfast
  5. Clean up breakfast
  6. Complete a ten minute exercise regime
  7. Shower, do hair and makeup, get dressed
  8. Carry around a basket and as you clean throughout your house pick up items that don't belong in a certain room and distribute them to their places as you clean
  9. Pick up potential clutter, do a light dusting, fluff pillows, water plants
  10. Make beds
  11. Tidy bedroom, dust them lightly
  12. Hang up clean clothes, put dirty ones in the hamper
  13. Tidy bathroom, sweep, clean toilet, change trash, scrub mirrors and vanity
  14. Vacuum carpeting, sweep floors, shake rugs
  15. Review the menu, do any necessary prep
  16. Do long term prep for dinner (such as prepare a dessert, etc.)
  17. Wipe down kitchen surfaces
  18. Dispose garbage, and scraps
  19. Scald dish cloths, hang to dry
  20. Sweep or mop kitchen floor
  21. Handle errands (such as shopping) or indulge in a hobby
  22. Wash fresh veggies, store in the fridge (this is assuming you went and did some shopping)
  23. Have a quick lunch (I know, I almost died too when I realized all that had to be completed before lunch)
  24. Crisp veggies, thaw food, various prep for dinner
  25. Handle weekly chore for today
  26. Set table for dinner
  27. Arrange living room for evening enjoyment
  28. Sweep floors, clean entrance ways
  29. Prepare a special dish for dinner
  30. Freshen up
  31. Greet husband (in my case it's my Dad)
  32. Serve dinner
  33. Clear table, wash dishes
  34. Pour boiling water down the pipes to flush them out
  35. Set table for breakfast
  36. Do any make-ahead breakfast prep
  37. Prepare Husband's lunch
  38. Enjoy your well-earned evening

            Once-a-week Chores
  1. Clean and disinfect all kitchen appliances 
  2. Scald and disinfect breadboxes, garbage pails, etc
  3. Replace flowers with fresh bouquets
  4. Do laundry twice a week
  5. Mop all floors, wash windows
  6. Clean out the fridge, scrub the stove
  7. Dust and polish all furniture  
  I hope you all enjoyed this schedule as well as I do, I know that my family thinks I'm crazy that I would willingly follow this schedule just for the fun of it, but I know I have kindred spirits out their that completely understand it.


  1. Sounds exactly what my mom did -

  2. It is absolutely amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have TV or the computer to slow you down. As a matter of fact, fresh air is easier to heat than stale, so if you don't sleep with the windows open (you should) then opening them for five minutes or so in the morning is fine. Just close the bedroom door so the cold air doesn't go all through the house.


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