Friday, April 7, 2017

F ~ Fun

  When my family and I went to our reunion/ my Grandma's surprise birthday party, I learned something really important about Amish (ex-Amish included) people, is that they truly have the best, most wholesome fun ever.

  Upon arriving at my Grandparent's place (after a six hour drive) I patiently waited for my other relatives to arrive and finally once everyone got there we clustered around in excited groups and the whole group took a collective intake of breath when my Aunt announced that my Grandma's driver had just pulled into the driveway. We heard the door opening and as soon as her face appeared everyone shouted surprise and happy birthday. First off my Grandma screamed (it was always a favorite past time of all her grandchildren to startle her since it was so easy) and then she was speechless for the longest time. It was so fun watching my Grandma surrounded by all of her family. Quite frankly I felt very proud of my extended family and for some strange reason it delighted me very much how we had our own audience, everyone laughed at the same time, murmured at the same time, etc.

  Anyways, (still persistent here with the use of the word anyways) afterwards all my cousins and I spent the whole day playing board games, volley ball, dutch blitz, verbal games, you name it, I was absolutely delighted with how I was finally surrounded by a bunch of people who knew how to have honest to goodness fun without the help of any technology.

  I left the reunion feeling very happy, tired, and extraordinarily determined to play dutch blitz frequently when I got home, because I honestly didn't know the definition of speed till I played games with them.

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  1. When I was in the tenth grade I develop a habit of saying "anyway", and had to work very hard to stop myself. I tend to add "background music" to a conversation, explaining what, why, and how, before I continue, and I'd circle back to the main thread with "Well, anyway..."

    The Squire claims I am the only person he knows who needs a half an hour to answer a yes-or-no question! So, anyway....


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