Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Reading...... . 

 My literature in school has me reading The Swiss Family Robinson, and I have to say I love their quaint dialogue.

Writing..... .

  I am writing a nonsensical little book about a teen girl and her crazy carrot loving Aunt. It is such fun writing silly little stories!

Listening..... . 

  To pots and pans being clanged around in the kitchen while Eldon makes lunch, I shall never know how he manages to use so many dishes to cook one thing.

Thinking about....... 

  The fact that the sunny cheerful fall that I love so much is almost over and leading to the cold, grey, drab fall-to-winter stage.


  Onions frying, considering Eldon is making his favorite potato dish.


   That I could slip outdoors and soar through the sky like all the birds that are migrating now.


  That today's beautiful weather will last, so that in the afternoon Diane and I can go collect fallen pine cones, I am drying them and turning them into Christmas decor, though while baking the cones it smells like slabs of burning pine sap, in other words, detestably nasty.


  A creamy blue Japanese print skirt with a navy blue top, my favorite outfit for sure.


  Life in general at the moment, I love when I have days like that, when you feel like you could walk on clouds.


  To craft something, nothing in particular, I'm just in a crafty mood,(the nice kind).


  More yarn so I can work on my Fudge Ripple afghan, it just drags on and on and on, crocheting afghans always takes me ages.


  Exuberantly joyful for no good reason, maybe because today feels promising, maybe because our beautiful weather makes me happy, maybe because I get to bake later, Hmm or maybe all of the above.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Things I'm Thankful For

   Since it is the start of November and Thanksgiving is drawing near, I feel it is the perfect time to do a Thankful post.

1. Name a color you are thankful for.
  I am very thankful for the color purple, a world without purple would be very sad indeed.

2. Something your parents do that you are thankful for.

   My parents are the calm, always know what they are doing people in my world, and always make sure we are healthy and happy and never forget to have fun spending time with us, for that I am extremely thankful.

3. Something your siblings do that you are thankful for.

  My siblings are the spunk to my world, they bring the delightful chaos to my home that I have grown to love, and they help do dishes, I am thankful for that.

4. A food you are thankful for.

  I am really thankful for pasta, every kind really.

5. What recent good news are you thankful for?

  I am thankful for the fact that I have straight A's so far into the school year, that is good news to me.

6. Name a drink you are thankful for.

  I am extremely thankful for water, my favorite drink that I literally couldn't live without.

7. Name a restaurant you are thankful for.

  I am thankful for D'Atri's I love their food and the atmosphere at the place. My memory of the first time eating there is a little different.  I had spotted a man with a black and blue stripes painted on his face sitting near by. As a little girl I had to keep looking at him, I was in awe that this creature was eating food like a normal person, he seemed more like an alien to me.

8. Talk about an animal you are thankful for.

  I am thankful for kittens, the adorable little balls of fur are a necessity to my "Old Maid Plan B" system for when I get much older.

9. Name a beauty product you are thankful for.

  I am thankful for chap stick, I really don't care about all the other things like blush and mascara, lipstick etc. As long as I have my chap stick I will be fine.

10. Name a cleaning product you are thankful for.

  I am thankful for hand soap, I would freak if I didn't have it around to wash my hands with every hour or so when I feel that they are germ infested.

11. Name a candy you are thankful for.

  I am thankful for chocolate in general, for with it I can tolerate my morning oatmeal and satisfy midday hungers, really I love chocolate, it sweetens my life!

12. What are you looking forward to that you are thankful for?

  I am thankful for Thanksgiving, I love that holiday where our favorite traditions take place, and our family gathers around the table to enjoy our feast, One of my favorite holidays for sure.