Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D ~ Dear Diary

  I am well aware of how late I am getting this post made, and I apologize for that, but life just occupied most of my time today and between having plumbing issues, spending hours spring cleaning Diane's and my room, doing school etc, it's no wonder I'm getting to my post late in the day.

  I'm sure a good few of you are aware of what my Awk+Awe posts are, and I have just recently had my single most embarrassing moment in my entire life, which I recorded affectionately with many a grimace in my diary. And lucky for you, not only do you get to read my diary, but you get to learn about an awkwardly embarrassing moment in a person's life that you most likely don't even know. (I know for a fact I love random awkward stories from complete strangers.)

  My experience was as follows:

Dear Anne,

  Oh why did I have to have such a very Rose day?!
  The event I had to live through (unfortunately,) happened at my home school group when we were playing jeopardy. It was my turn to walk up and take my seat, I marched over to  my chair, my hand was readied to slap onto my buzzer, I sized up my opponents and felt ready to tackle the world.
  The category my friend Ryder chose was "Capitals" I awaited eagerly for the question, which turned out to be "What is the capital of Hawaii?" Oh, that was an easy question, I was so ready and totally had the answer in the bag, I smacked down on my buzzer with the adrenaline that rushed through me, this was terrific!
  I was the first out of a chain of buzzer thumps and I felt utterly victorious, then all of a sudden my brain blanked, it felt like time was ticking insanely loudly as I frantically hurried through the vast barrenness that was my mind, searching desperately for anything at all that was related to Hawaii.
  The time was ticking, I could feel the tension in the room, then at long last my brain latched onto something Hawaiian and feeling utterly confident I yelled the fateful word into the air.
  Heads turned and shrieks of disbelief clouded the air, as raucous laughter followed my statement. My mind clouded with confusion, and then the word that I had shouted registered in my mind, into the silence I had hollered "Aloha!!"
  Instant death by a lightning strike would have been welcome, my cheeks glowed as red as the lava in a Hawaiian volcano, no one believed me when I said I knew it was Honolulu. Oh Anne! I fear I shall forever be remembered as the Aloha girl!

  Surely my fellow bloggers, you must understand the true courage it took for me to bare such an atrocity of my past with you, but, till tomorrow, Aloha.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a cute story!

  2. There could be worse things to be known for. :)

    With Love,

  3. Oh my, Aloha girl! You tell a story with such earnest drama and humor! Your story reminds me of several embarrassing moments. I love your blog posts. You make me laugh, smile, remember my teen heart, etc. You writing is so refreshing...I can hardly wait until your next entry!

  4. You have an amazing way with words that come alive when I read them. Loved this story and it felt like I was right there with you. Looking forward to each new entry!

  5. Hey we've all been there...don't be so hard on yourself.

  6. Great Blog. By the way, we all knew that you knew the correct answer. The laughter was with you, not at you. We all do those things!


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