Monday, April 3, 2017

B ~ Bits and Bobs

  I do realize that I haven't been blogging as much as I had been wanting to recently, and obviously that's all about to change since I am participating in the A-Z challenge, I always look forward to the challenge with an excited sort of apprehension because I have hopes of getting into the habit of blogging frequently.

  I have been very busy lately, busier than usual, and because of that I thought it would be perfect to make a post today on all the little things that have been going on in my life right now.

  On Saturday I woke up at around 3 in the morning because we had to go to my Grandma's surprise birthday party, I had such an amazing time there, it was a reunion because all of my Grandma's children and grandchildren were there, it was very noisy and busy but a whole bunch of fun.  We played games all day and the thing I found humbling was that all of my cousins are so much better at playing Dutch Blitz than I am, I had thought that my family played quickly, ha!

  I spent pretty much all of my evening yesterday reading up on bullet journals, even though I already have so many different kinds of journals I want to add a bullet journal to my list, it sounds very useful both in organizing my life and using up my art supplies. Now I just need good artist pens....

  I've been revamping my music playlist, I found some new songs (two) that I love and have been listening to them nonstop as I write out all of my posts. The one I really love is "Start Over" by Flame Ft. NF.

  My Mum, Diane, and I have been spring cleaning our storeroom and it's always a delightful discovery of treasures every time we clean it. For example, just today I found my favorite ruby ring of my childhood playtime that I had lost years ago, it fits perfectly now!

  One thing that might actually be thought of as strange by the average person is the fact that I love housecleaning so well that I actually went and designed a 50's inspired housecleaning schedule for myself. Everyday I go by the rules I feel deep respect and awe over how hard the housewife in general had to work all day long just in daily life.

  Diane has another piano lesson tonight, she always comes home and stomps away at the keyboard with renewed vigor. Okay, she probably won't appreciate that I wrote that, she's actually quite good at the piano now, and rapidly progressing, I had wanted to learn to play piano too but it's not really happening at the moment, what can I say, I would much rather clean, bake, and journal, even blog.

 Till the morrow.....


  1. Bits and Bobs is a perfect post for letter B!

  2. Those times I can just sit and read, then write, then read, those are the best. In fact, it motivates me through other work to get through quickly to get to that point. Of course, sometimes I put the blogging first ... don't tell my boss.

    Glad I found you through the challenge today! Good luck.



    #AtoZChallenge: B is for Burgers


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