Friday, April 1, 2016

A ~ Adrian von Ziegler

     Celtic music is one of the things that I love deeply. The reason why is simply because I love the stories that dance and twirl through my head when I listen to it. Celtic music always tells some kind of story. It can be of brave warriors past, of woodland tales, of love, laughter, joy, sadness, or of some long forgotten truth. In other words I love the beauty that is found in Celtic music and today I will be sharing one of my favorite Celtic pieces by Adrian von Ziegler.

Woodland Tales, by Adrian von Ziegler


  1. I like Celtic music as well. It's some of my favorite music to play on the violin. I agree with you on how Celtic music tells a unspoken story.

    Happy A to Z Challenge!

    My love,

  2. Love Celtic Music.. thanks for the video!
    Best Wishes!

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  3. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing the video.

  4. Lovely. Simply lovely. I played a harp when I was in my teens, and it's still my favorite instrument. That and bagpipes, but not together!


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