Monday, April 25, 2016

U ~ Unique

     Somehow in all of my favorite words out there the simple word "Unique" has held my affection for quite some time now. I hold a lot value on the existence of people being unique. I don't find a single thing wrong with standing out from the crowd, in one perspective (the optimistic one) being called unique or a misfit is not to be frowned upon, but is to be desired. I don't know why so many people nowadays set so much store on "fitting in" when in my eyes I don't see why you would want to be average.

     I quite readily embrace my "uniqueness" and it is actually one of the qualities that I am happy I possess. I simply don't morph my being to fit into society's mold. I let myself be free and take whatever shape I see fitting. I don't call it misfit, I call it being true to yourself. Which is of course what it actually is.

     Lots of people think of me as a little granny in a young girl's body because I love knitting, crocheting, drinking tea, puzzling, using big words and so on. I have never yet been offended by that.

     When some people would assume that I was born in the wrong time (because of my being unique in an old fashioned way) I know for certain that I have some purpose to fulfill, and I was made the way that I am to fulfill just that purpose. My whole point in this entire post is to embrace your uniqueness and let it flow free.


  1. What only eyeballs see can blind us to uniqueness. It starts early, especially for young girls. Clothes, weight, what is owned (example: if one even owns a cell phone is it better or worse than the other girls?). Uniqueness can die if not nurtured.
    You would be a perfect workshop leader for young girls who need to spend their energies on being themselves. Or for older teens who need to get their identities back. They need to be armed with a strong sense of self, b/c others wanting them to conform, tend to put them down.
    Keep being you and enjoying all that it is you enjoy! Only the unique men and women in history are remembered for what they uniquely did.
    And how do you catch one of a kind little bunnies? YOU 'NEAK up on them :)

  2. I love how you embrace your uniqueness. Good for you. A really inspiring post. Thank you.

  3. I love crocheting and drinking tea! It's rare to find someone else who likes doing "old" things yet still embraces their awesomeness. I love reading you blog :)


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