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     Ever since I can remember, reading has been a big part of my life. From listening to my Mom and Dad reading The Roly Poly Puppy to me as a little girl, to being delighted when I could finally read when Dick and Jane became my life. I am still enjoying the delights of reading books. I mean, nothing compares to the excitement that courses through me when I get a new book to read.

     Naturally, after all my years that I have spent reading I have accumulated a rather large list of favorite books, and since I love lists so much, I will share with you my rather large list of favorite books.

My Favorite Books, and why.

The Lord of the Rings series.   I simply love the tales of love, bravery, loyalty, courage, and good triumphing over evil. Not to forget an amazing adventure woven into it all. Combining it all makes for an epic tale that will never be forgotten.

A most Peculiar Circumstance.  I love comedies and this book had such a delightful mixture of hilarious moments and awkwardness that I found myself laughing all the time. Plus, the main character, Arabella Beckett, was someone I could relate to.

The Tutor's Daughter.   I loved this book, it's a Christian romance book that had a large element of mystery and amazing plot twists and betrayals to it that kept me eager to find out what happened next the entire time that I was reading it. And since I am a sucker for wanting the underdogs to get the spotlight (spoiler-alert) I was delighted when the underdog got the glory. To have this book take place in England in the Regency era made it even better.

Anne of Green Gables series.  Now these were just delightful! Anne is such a spunky fun-loving girl that I couldn't help but to fall in love with these books. By the way, the scrapes she was always getting into, made the books a lot more lighthearted and joyful than your average orphan story.

The Hawk and the Jewel.  I love old fashioned books and since this one was in the 1800's  I loved it even more. It also had several plot twists that you would never have expected. Some parts of the book were awkward. ( like 47%)  but it was still an overall very interesting and good read based around the royals of the time.

A Rebellious Heart.  Now this book was the kind that had me cowering behind blankets for some parts, it was part nerve wracking and part delightfully horrifying. This book also had a horrific villain that satisfyingly got what he deserved in the end. It has a touch of romance, but because of all the drama in the book I always remembered it as a thrilling tale.

Into the Whirlwind.  This book was based around the great Chicago fire, so naturally destruction was involved, but the book still had funny moments that literally made me burst out laughing and awkward moments when I wanted to crawl into a hole and never climb out again. Spoiler alert..... Canned peaches are not always a good idea.

Miranda series.  This series was beyond delightful, Miranda was such a smart witty girl that kept my reading experience very enjoyable. After years of her helping others she finally gets a spotlight on herself.

Glory.  This book was based around a wagon ride to Oregon with a country girl as the main character, naturally there was a bit of drama but mostly a lot of funny relatable moments that I loved. She was a very likable person that kind-of  "stunk" for the first few chapters. 

A Gown of Spanish Lace. This book was pretty much a story of devoted love and a kidnapping, escape, and a shooting. In other words it was kind-of a Western written by a woman. Not to forget a woman was the main character. But this book was one worth reading over again, which I did.

Moonlight Masquerade. I loved this book. It was based around a spy for Napoleon, and an undercover opposing spy who portrayed an unassuming butler. Lady Celine Wexam was one of the main characters and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her name. The book of course had a lot of adventure and one moment when a very satisfying punch was made.

Trouble In Store.  This book was a murder mystery that wasn't actually as morbid as it sounds. This book had so many plot twists that I never managed to guess who the culprit really was. They say it is always the butler but since this book had no butler I was floundering around helplessly guessing who the murderer was one chapter, and changing my mind the next. But it was a very good story of a young lady who inherited a store that just happened to have been given to some man too.

The Miner's Lady. This was a story based around two feuding Italian families and naturally a mine. It had an element of surprise in it and a tragic accident that changed many hearts forever. I had personally loved this book and all of the adventure and secrets kept me well entertained.

Gone Camping.  This whole entire book was based around just one camping trip that had an unbelievable amount of ridiculously embarrassing and awkward moments. The reason I liked this book so well was because of the comedic qualities in every awkward situation. And plus, the main character was totally someone I could relate to.

The Blue Castle.  This entire book was such a very satisfying story of a woman finally breaking away from the very boring drab life she was required to live. Rebelling never was more right. Though the first chapter was beyond snore-worthy I loved every other chapter and loved how she proved that fitting in is just a rule for helpless people.

The Divergent Trilogy.  This series seems to be a misfit considering my previously listed books but I loved these books because of the thrilling tale woven throughout them. Spoiler alert.... sadly the series had a horrific ending that left me an emotional wreck.

 That seems to be only a smidgen of all the books that I love as a teen, so now here is a glimpse of a few of my favorite childhood books.

And though there were a lot more I just summarized my favorites.  And since that concludes the ends of both of my lists, I bid you Adieu.


  1. Like you, I love to read and it would take me a long time to write down my favourites. The most recent book I enjoyed was by Fiona McKintosh, The Lavender Keeper. Another that I couldn't put down until I'd finished was the Hunger Games Trilogy. I haven't read the Divergence trilogy yet but it's on my to read list. I also enjoyed Nora Roberts Morrigan's Cross trilogy. I do enjoy a good crime and thrillers. Everything really :) Thanks for the post and have a lovely weekend.

    1. The Books you listed sound so intriguing! I will simply have to read them when I get the chance!

  2. What an amazing list and so varied. I struggle to read as much. Knowing there's so many who read as much as you is what keeps me writing. Good luck with the AtoZ.

  3. I had a huge collection of Little Golden Books - sadly, they didn't all last until my son was born but I had a few - Roly Poly Puppy, Saggy Baggy Elephant among them. My parents provided us with TONS of books as we grew up, and that's so important. I now have a granddaughter, and she loves picture books, I can't wait until I can introduce her to the Little House and Green Gables series! Thanks for the memories. Happy reading :)

  4. Wonderful book collection! I grew up reading Nancy Drew and gothic suspense novels.. but like you, I had a huge collection.
    Best Wishes!

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  5. I have read many of the books you listed and own many too. Our family read the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" over 35 years ago, long before their popularity. Janette Oak is a favorite author of mine and I own about 30 of her books. I just gave my "Little House on the Prarie" set I've had for about 50 years to my 3 year old granddaughter. I hope she loves them I like did. Gail Sattler and Tracy Peterson are authors I enjoy, as well as Lori Wick. I think our reading tastes are quite simile!

  6. Like you, I love to read, and while some of these books are news to me (I'll have to see if I can find them in the library)others are old favorites. I grew up on Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables, and our daughters and grandchildren all love to read.


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