Thursday, April 14, 2016

L ~ Lemonade

     I think that every little kid has their favorite Uncle, Aunt, or relative, which of course I did. I had this one Uncle that was beyond fun, always playing pranks on us, telling ridiculous stories, and pretty much being cool with any harebrained scheme that I came up with, and every one who knows me really well knows that I am always coming up with new schemes that can be considered harebrained.

     This one day my parents were going away and needed someone to babysit Eldon and I (This is when I was just a little girl) Since my uncle was living with us at the time, naturally my parents got him to babysit us. He agreed and plopped us down on chairs with a coloring book per person and a box of crayons. Considering that Eldon and I were little kids we became bored very quickly and wandered into the kitchen. Now one thing that I loved very much was trying to copy my Mom, and a few days earlier she had made lemonade for us. It was one of my favorite drinks and it had looked so easy when she had made it so I decided I would make some myself. I grabbed random ingredients and dumped them into a big pail and stirred it together. The concoction did not look like lemonade, or smell like lemonade, but hey, how bad could it be?

     We dashed over to our Uncle and got his permission to go out to our field and pretend to be daring adventurers with only lemonade to survive on. He didn't think it was a great idea, but unlike my parents, a little persuasion worked very well and before long we went plowing our way through the field that was filled with really tall, scratchy grasses until we found one of our favorite spots and we sat down to try out my delicious new recipe.

     Eldon and I eagerly dipped our glasses into the pail and filled them up with the concoction and almost laughed with glee, no one was there to tell us how much lemonade we could have. We each took a large swallow and turned to face each other with big eyes and horror-stricken expressions before spitting out the beyond horrible drink, we choked and gagged and both took a hold of our pail and flung the contents as far as we could. Still trying to get rid of the nasty taste we spit and sputtered and decided we better get back to the house as soon as possible.

     By the time we got back to the house our arms and legs were completely covered with scratches from the grass and we were itching something fierce. We sneaked into the house and were tippy-toeing past our Uncle when he looked up and almost died laughing (he is very supportive) he fixed a bath for us and got us dressed all cute and set us down at the table with coloring books.

     So when my parents got back we were the perfect little pair of children still sitting all neat and tidy coloring with crayons while our awesome Uncle kept an eye on us.

     That was one of my very favorite memories, even back then I loved adventures and just because I couldn't make lemonade didn't mean I couldn't make a pretty awesome batch of weedkiller.


  1. Great story and what fun! When we were kids, my brother and I decided one day to make ice-pops out of milk. We didn't ask permission and after we ate them we both spent the evening with our heads over the toilet. We never made them again :)

  2. And years later I finally find out what happened with my missing bag of sugar. Oy!


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