Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J ~ Journal Names

     Ever since I was seven years old and my Mom introduced me to the art of journal keeping I have  loved keeping a journal. Somehow having an orderly way to write down my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations was exactly what I wanted (though as a seven year old I wrote more along the line of dolls and stuffed animals) and I have to say I loved my journal from the very start.

     Many years have passed since then and now I have a stack of finished journals. I always feel rather attached to my journals, like they are very close friends, and naturally since all good friends have names I have named my journals, they rather deserved it too.

     My journals all got named according to what they looked like. My light pink journal was Rosebud, my pale blue one I always thought of as Magnolia, my vibrant rosy pink one is named Rosella, and my stunning purple journal is named Jacqueline. Yes she is my latest journal and since I just happen to adore french I have already named one of my future journals (which is light blue) Celine. And this one I have named Avril.

     I love how charmingly, elegant, French names sound so I made sure to incorporate some pretty names into my journal-naming.

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  1. Pretty pic. Interesting, I didn't know that people named their journals. Something to consider when creating a character who keeps a journal :-) Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.


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