Saturday, April 23, 2016

T ~ Things I Need Therapy For

     Oh! The traumas of emotional scarring! Some of the most emotionally scarring things that ever happened to me as a little girl have actually affected my life now as I have grown older, those horrors of my past have shaped parts of me indefinitely. I know a lot of you think I must have had a horrible childhood from the sounds of this, but the truth is that I am just being a little dramatic.

     Today I will be sharing with you things that I can not look at or even hear the word being spoken without thinking back to a traumatic experience.

Spiders ~ My Grandma is a dear little lady who is very sprite and energetic for her age. One day whilst I was playing in the sandbox beside her porch I spotted a massive spider. Naturally I screeched and ran for Grandma who was sweeping off her porch. She followed me to the sandbox and took her broom  and smashed the spider. The crunch it made echoed against the walls of my brain and stayed their for the rest of my childhood years. But as for Grandma, she took back her broom, laughed, and said, "Well that one was juicy."

Dentures ~ When I was about three my Mom took me over to one of my Aunts for dinner one day. My Aunt had served Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and as a young child you really don't care what is going on around you when you have Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream......That is until you hear people laughing and you turn around to see your Aunt holding all of her teeth in her hand and smiling with an empty mouth. Shudder. My Mom says that this memory must have really scarred me if I can remember it from when I was three.

Treadmills ~ If there was one thing that I loved when I was a little girl it was treadmills. On the day my brother Sean was born my parents had dropped Eldon, Diane, and me off at one of their friend's homes. She gave us permission to play on their treadmill, and I thought I had it made until I played around with the buttons. Naturally I pushed the Incline button up to like 35 and was running at top speed while hanging on for dear life. Before I knew it I had fallen on the treadmill and was being grated alive. Her husband, hearing my screams, woke up from the nap he had been taking and came to scoop me up and carried me upstairs where they started assessing all the damage and applying band-aids to all places I needed them. By the time they had me bandaged I was covered with 26 of them. I distinctly remember hearing the woman's husband saying "Your Dad is going to kill me" while he applied a bag of frozen peas to my shoulders. My Dad, though very supportive and caring still has a sense of humor, so when I was presented to my Dad by two very worried babysitters he burst out laughing. I guess seeing your frizzy-haired, little girl hobble across the floor covered with almost thirty band-aids is a funny sight. I still have physical scars from that episode, and emotional scars as well. I've not been tempted to get on a treadmill since that day.

High School Anatomy ~ I had loved learning about all the bones in my body, like the Femurs, patellas, phalanges, and so on. That is until I reached High school where they insisted on shoving graphic pictures of toenail fungus, and infected knee cuts, and a host of other things right under my nose. I'm telling you, I will never be the same.


  1. So sorry to hear of your treadmill accident. Hard to believe how we all make it out of childhood alive. I know I must have kept angels of protection working overtime. Hopefully our life incidences come in handy for future endeavors. You may become the heroine for example if you see children around treadmills in a sports equipment store. :)
    I have gone through life avoiding bananas. When I was about five Grandma peeled an overripe one for me (I had wanted to peel it myself). It looked horrendous. She cut the bruises off which made it look even worse. I had to eat it..."Waste not want not," she always said. Coincidentally she was staying with us when a little sister was born. We should warn children with siblings on the way!

    1. Overripe bananas are simply the worst and everyone in my family abhors them! I still remember when I was a little girl my Dad used to say that the brown-ish parts were like honey. So every time I had an overripe banana I felt quite fortunate to be eating a "honey filled" fruit.

  2. I hate spiders. The fear stems from when I was playing hide and seek. I hid behind the shed and a humungous hairy legged spider jumped at me. I screamed and ran into the house and was hysterical for ages. As I sat on my dad's knee my younger brother came into the room and said 'found you!'. Bless him.

  3. Finding your blog for the first time while out blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge before hurrying on to visit as many blogs as possible on Sunday, our day off. I taught nature at a girl's camp when younger. Did you know that if you put a piece of construction paper behind a spider web and spray paint it you get a beautiful design? Spiders! probably not. If you have interest or time, I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architects and settings. On the letter T day it was about tea at a lovely hotel yesterday. If you have time or interest....Join me.

  4. I really enjoyed this blog. I too had an incident with a treadmill when I was younger. I too carry the scars both physical and emotional as well. Have a great day and God bless. :)


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