Monday, April 18, 2016

O ~ Outdoor Adventures

     The closest things to adventures I've had all happened in the "Great Outdoors." Therefore I will be centering this post around some of the adventures I have had out of doors.

#1 It was a gorgeously hot summer afternoon and Diane and I were very bored, and too warm. We looked wistfully toward the waterfall across the road and decided that even though there were cows in the field around the waterfall we would still go. We scurried across the road, climbed over the fence that kept the field from us, being careful to avoid the shocking wire, and then we proceeded to walk slowly towards the waterfall. "Just don't look at the cows" I whispered quietly to a horrified Diane, "They can sense fear, or is it smell fear? Whatever, I think I read about it somewhere" We tried to walk confidently across the pasture while avoiding eye contact with the cows. When we were about half-ways to the waterfall one mother cow started walking towards us. "She'd have to cross the creek to get to us" I quietly assured Diane.
"She just crossed the creek!" Diane screeched. After turning to see an angry and speedily approaching cow coming towards us, both of us ran towards the fence as fast as we could make our legs fly, for that ornery old cow decided it would be delightful to charge. We fell over so often and got so many scratches, by the time we were safely in our yard again we were both delusional and laughing like crazy while shaking quite uncontrollably.

#2 I had this one phase where everything that was climb-able I climbed. Whether it was a tree, porch, garden wall, or in this certain situation a gate. Diane and I had this one red, old, rusted, and hole-y gate that we constantly climbed over to get to our creek. This one certain time Diane jumped up on top of it and she was very bouncily making her way to the other side when out of one of the holes in the gate a horde of angry yellow jackets flew ready to attack. And attack they did. Diane screamed and froze after jumping off the gate and it was me to the rescue. I literally went in there squished, flicked, slapped, and stomped every last yellow jacket that had the audacity to attack my dear little sister, I dragged Diane under the fence quickly and we hurried to the safety of the house.

#3 Last summer Diane and I decided to go berry picking across the road in the woods above the barn. Happily we grabbed several buckets and skipped merrily along. We chattered a lot and discussed life in general and were delighted when we found a berry bush even before we reached the woods. Concentrating on picking all of the berries I stepped up behind the bush in search of any missed berries when my foot plunged right into the middle of a very busy ant hill. Ants swarmed every where and bit my foot incessantly. I swept them off in swipes and decided to go looking for a better place to pick. Our hands were covered in berry juice which attracted some deranged wasp who attacked us and Diane and I bobbed and weaved and ran as hard as we could not really paying attention where we were running in our desperation to get away from the wasp (it was super persistent) till finally we lost it. And our water bottles. After hacking our ways through thorns and brush we found the road again and decided it was time to go back home. Sadly the only thing that was positive about that particular trip is that we picked enough berries for Mom to bake a pie.


  1. Great adventures! We had a similar experience with Cows when we visited Madeira on holiday. I'd obviously offended one massive cow, just by looking at it and it rushed at me. I dove back into the car and screamed for my hubby to zoom off. All I wanted was a photograph. The cow mooed, 'No way!'. Super post!

  2. Somehow, the smaller the critter, the bigger the bite. I've run into anthills planting flowers, and once ran over a yellow jackets nest with the lawn mower. It's hard to tell which of us was more upset - me or the yellow jackets.


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