Monday, April 11, 2016

I ~ Imagination

     To the young child the imagination is a very prized gift, and was quite frankly not lacked by Eldon, Diane, and I when we were still little children. Whether we were princesses, pilgrims, airplanes, or pirates, our imaginations always played a very large role in our playtime.

     Out of all of our games that we used to play, the one that stands out the most is a game we called Invisible tape. The rules were very simple and the game kept us entertained for hours.

      Out in our yard we had a rather large and splendid propane tank. With our childish imaginations it sort of looked like a giant pill with lots of little caps. Anyways, for several weeks that one summer, we would run outside barefooted and eager, and climb on top of the propane tank. Balance was never a problem for us so we could easily scamper all over the tank, but the game in itself was completely absurd. We had made ourselves believe that there was a long line of tape stretching out from our propane tank to the closest tree. All we had to do was place our feet on exactly the right spot where the invisible tape was and we would be able to walk to the tree on the other end of the invisible tape.

      Now when I think back to that memory I have to laugh, we could have saved us many hours of failed attempts if only we would have been logical. But than again none of us were prone to being logical so we would all step into the air and go crashing to the ground. In fact we crashed to the ground so often that it kind of became a game in itself.

     Imagination is a true treasure, and I am very happy that our mother allowed and encouraged us to use it.



  1. When I was a child, I thought if I jump high enough, and then jumped again when I was at the apex of that jump, I could propel myself even higher. Didn't work, Not even once. But I kept at it. When I started ballet lessons, my ability to jump HIGH was a great asset!

  2. Hello from A to Z. Sounds like your imagination helped give you something active and fun to do on those summer days while many kids were probably watching TV at home.

  3. Ah, the imagination of children! Isn't it a beautiful thing??!
    Thanks for sharing your adorable childhood memory...

    Michele at Angels Bark


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