Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z ~ Zentangles

     I spent many hours of my childhood watching in awe as my Dad sketched lighthouses, and drew beautiful pictures. At the time there was nothing more that I wanted than to be good at art. The memory of me running to my bedroom, grabbing pencil colors, and drawing a bunch of flowers every time my Dad or some famous artist inspired me is still fresh. But now that I think back on those days I can see that drawing suns in the corners of pages and lots of flowers under trees was not as epic as I used to think it was.

     Last year I was going through my art book and almost keeled over while looking at how lacking my art skills were, not to bash all cross-eyed cats and horrified owl pictures, but mine were horrible and I was abashed that I ever thought they had been nice.

     This year I took an art course in school and I was and still am delighted with how I have progressed. I started drawing scenery and dabbled in portraits, but lately I have found my art calling when I discovered Zentangles.

     I have spent hours drawing as of lately and have enjoyed every second of it, if there is one favorite thing about art, it's how all the little details bring a picture together. So naturally Zentangling is perfect for me.

   Here's a little glimpse at the first Zentangle I ever made.


  1. I've never heard of zentangling but I'm a fan of it now! That is a wonderful piece of artwork. Such talent. I hope you share more in future posts.

    Congratulations for completing the A to Z Challenge and thank you very much for the lovely posts throughout the month. It has been a pleasure to visit.

  2. I too thank you so much for sharing your wit, wisdom from life and daily living, unique perspectives, word choices, and now artwork. I look forward to reading your first and follow-up novels which could easily come in your bright future. Now you have wonderful artwork to intersperse throughout them.
    How about novels for children about a girl with Amish roots who is part of the first generation of living non-Amish? Your stories shared here come alive for the reader. You have a plethora of them just waiting to be published. You can also share the wonderful activities (making maple leaf roses, etc. etc.). Adjusting with your family to "English" from a child's view would be interesting reading.

    I love to see what ideas come to me from reading your posts. I seem to love to comment, too.:)
    Thanks again. I'll miss my daily thought provoker!

  3. it takes a lot of patience to make zentangles so I applaud your effort. this looks good for a first attempt.

    have a lovely day.

  4. Having tried many times over many years, I now realise that the only thing I can draw successfully is my pension.
    I have respect for anyone who can produce a drawing, painting, embroidery or any other artistic piece that ends up looking as they intended it, and I shall continue to rely on my camera to do the work for me.
    Constratulations on completing the A-Z challenge.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  5. It has been pure bliss waking up to your A-Z blog entry every morning. I even learned a few new words and terms, as I had never heard of zentangles. You did a fantastic drawing of one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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