Thursday, April 28, 2016

X ~ Xerasia

     I don't quite understand how anyone thinks that having a bad hair day once in a while is that horrible. Anyone that says they hate bad hair days earns an immediate laugh from me. I, for example, live in one continuous, never ending nightmare of bad hair days. Never in my life have I had to try for volume.

     After years of trying to figure out just what exactly the matter was with my hair I came across this one "disease" that I apparently have a touch of. It is called Xerasia, and it afflicts innocent woe-begone girls with a severe case of dry hair.

     For most of my life I've been healthy as a horse and the only person in my family with no broken bones until I went and stubbed my pinkie toe extremely hard and actually broke it. Then later on I broke my pinkie finger on my sister's jacket where it got caught when we were racing. All of my scars were achieved by a treadmill accident and running into various objects. And now I realize I have a "disease" Even if it is only a severe case of dry hair.

     So to all other girls out there with Xerasia, I feel for you, but always remember this one quote. "Big hair is closer to God."


  1. That's a new word for me. But I think I'll stick with 'bad hair day' :) Great post!

  2. For just about all of us, we would believe you if Xerasia were the name of a Greek Goddess or at least the heroine in a bold and epic novel.
    You hair helps make you unique. Let it flow and blow about in the breeze...let the heroine in you take charge. :)

  3. Seriously lovely, was going through the earlier posts too. Visiting from the A2Z Challenge, glad I stopped by!

  4. I have the same problem and I used to keep my hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't fly about but now I just kind of accept it as normal.

    visiting from the A-Z challenge, have a lovely day.


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