Saturday, April 9, 2016

H ~ Horrific Hair Horrors

     One of the biggest struggles in my life is unfortunately being responsible for trying to take care of my unbelievably huge, frizzy, and horridly curly hair. No matter how hard I try to tame it, to sleek it down, to somehow make it look decent it just simply does not behave!

     I declare it has a mind of its own. I can leave the house looking half way decent, but on our way to get to where we're going my hair takes on a mind of it's own. Some of it decides to go one direction, while the rest divide up any other available directions to explore.

      Indeed limericks similar to this one by Edward Lear could be written about my hair.

                  There was an old man with a beard
                  Who said it is just as I feared
                  Two owls and a wren
                  Four larks and a hen
                  Have all built their nest in my beard.
       Not that having bushy hair isn't bad enough but lately these well-meaning elderly ladies at church keep hobbling up to me, patting my shoulders fondly and smilingly say things like, "Your hair isn't that bad" and "when I was a teen I used to roll my hair up in orange soda cans" and some of them even had the audacity to say "Well you won't need a perm when you're older". I mean really!

     I think that if this outrage keeps up I just might have to show up to church with orange soda cans in my hair and see what they have to say about that!


  1. I love wild curly hair. My is as flat and unlively as one could have hair. It's funny how we are never entirely satisfied with what we've been given isn't it ? :) Thanks for a great post.

  2. My friend has that kind of hair and this guide has helped her tame it.

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  4. Can we swap hairs? Mine is stick straight and I'd love curls :) How rude of those women, I'm not sure why they thought that was ok!

  5. I can't believe people said those things to you! What nerve they have! -.- My hair is really thick, and straight with these weird kinda waves in it. It never does what it's supposed to--which is look like those pantene commercials. Isn't it?! LOL Darn advertising!

  6. I have crazy curly hair and I love it. Just like my height, it is perfect for me. (I have found it best to embrace things I cannot change and just be happy that I can't see my hair when it is out of control!) A fellow A to Zer stopping by!


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