Friday, April 15, 2016

M ~ Me

     In all of my posts in the past I have rambled on and on about various things but never just described the essence of me. So today will be the day you get to know me better.

     I was born in the North Eastern U.S and when I was very young we moved to the Ozarks where we lived in a log cabin on close to 400 acres for several years before moving to a double-wide on 20 acres and then finally back to the North Eastern U.S. of A. Where I am still living with my family of 6 today in an old fashioned country farmhouse.

     I am of moderate height, not tall but not short. I have curly brown hair, warm brown eyes, and a tiny dimple on my left cheek that only shows when I smile. I have two small scars on my forehead, one comes from biking straight into the the "neck" of my Dad's goose neck trailer, and the other scar comes from smacking my head into the corner of my Mom's china cupboard when I was running around the dining room one day. And now that I have established the ground work for getting to know me I shall now proceed with the fun little details.

     I am a lover of all things vintage and have been known for spending hours paging through Victorian catalogs dreaming of the day when I will live in a little cottage in England.

     I am an incessant dreamer, and because of that I tend to ignore the uglier side of life and focus on all of the beauty instead.

     I hate olives, mushrooms, liver, sausage, and most seafood.

     I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Spending all of my days out of doors would be delightful!

     Ever since reading The Hobbit I have wanted nothing more than to have a real adventure, absolutely every fiber of my being craves an adventure. Mind you not filled with dragons and Medieval villains but an adventure nonetheless.

     I love crocheting and have a rather long list of projects that I want to complete in my life time.

     I don't know how to swim, the closest thing I have ever come to swimming is flailing madly in my friends pool thinking my death is nigh.

     I am a lover of wit, good humor is my friend and is a trait I prize in people.

     When reading books I like to be positioned in just the right way with just the right things to accompany me. Like birds chirping, classical music, peppermint tea, and a warm blanket to cuddle under.

     I positively love using delightfully long and satisfying words. Words in general are something I love and I am always positively delighted when I find a splendid new one. Like Opia which I found out means "The ambiguous intensity of looking someone straight in the eye."

     I am also a lover of complete randomness, it is somehow very satisfying to me.

     I simply love creation, if you look at all my favorite hobbies like crocheting, cooking, baking, and crafting you can see the general theme.....Creation.

     I can not stand touching things that have the main theme of being crusty or powdery. Which I why I hate touching chalk, flour, potatoes, and dry mud.

     I love being being unique. In all reality I would be rather sad if I actually fit in with all the other people in the world. To me, being different is a prized quality, not a thing at which to turn up your nose, and sadly, few people acknowledge that.

     I love the simple life and feel blessed to have one. Though having a few good adventures would be delightful!

     Fall is my favorite season, summer is second, spring third, and winter last.

     And I know that there are many more things that are unique facts about me that make me, me. But if I were to list them all this post would drag on for miles on end.


  1. I absolutely love reading your blog. I am also a fan of your Mother's as well. :) Have a wonderful day and God bless. :)

  2. Hello LOVELY! I enjoyed your post so much! I can see how we are all connected. You helped me to reconnect to myself as well, for this I am truly thankful. I honor you for posting about yourself and I celebrate you as the unique person that you are! When asked what "my word" is over the years I couldn't quite place it. A few short years ago I discovered that its LOVELY. I wish you well on this adventure called life and wish you many,many wonderful lovely adventures on your journey!

  3. You and I are very alike and very different. Totally agree about the reading with just the right accompaniment (snow or rain falling gently outside is good too, but I love seafood, olives, mushrooms and sausage! So there you have it, the tale of two people :)


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