Thursday, April 7, 2016

F ~ Freaky

     I used to be quite the tomboy when I was a little girl and I could be found climbing trees, jumping fences, digging for worms, splashing in mud, and exploring the woods on our property. No dirt or squirmy form of life ever freaked me out.....until I accidentally stepped on a worm that proceeded in getting stuck between my toes and ever since then not only do worms freak me out but a lot of other things do too.

     Things that Freak me Out

Flour ~ Oh my goodness! I am getting goosebumps just thinking about flour. I beyond abhor flour. It began on the day that I got covered in it by accidentally tipping a bag of flour over myself. The very feeling of flour and the sound of it sweeping across a dry surface or smacking against someone's hands or apron makes me want to scream.

Chalk ~ My irrational hatred of chalk branched off of my hatred of flour, they have the same texture and the same level of scratchiness to them that makes me avoid touching chalk whenever possible. Let's just say that sidewalk art is never done by me.

Tennis shoes ~ Oh how they freak me out, I want to gag just thinking about their disgusting feel on my feet, and the way that they look! I have no idea when I started to hate tennis shoes but eventually I couldn't stand them anymore.

Crocs ~ Yep, to me they are the most disgusting shoes ever created in all history of foot wear. The very thought of having to put my feet into a pair of crocs, or even touching them makes my skin crawl.

Used straws ~ Ack! They are so disgusting! Seeing one lying innocently on the kitchen sink, crinkled up from being chewed on by a toddler.... I think I might barf.

Toenails ~ Even when they are firmly attached to someone's foot they still freak me.

Potatoes ~ Eeek! Their dry and crusty skin makes me shiver every time I touch them, even seeing someone else touch them makes me shiver.

Mud ~  I hate mud because it is squishy and squelchy and slimy. Jumping in muddy puddles is not something that sounds like fun. I think that the reason I hate mud so much is because when I was a little girl some bully of a boy asked me to stand close to him while he showed me a trick and he jumped right into a huge puddle of mud purposely showering my Sunday dress with globs of goopy brown mud.

Beards ~ I don't know what it is about beards but they freak me very badly. Maybe because they grow out of bony chins is why, but I'm not sure.

Man Buns ~ Goodness, I don't even know where to start when it comes to man buns. They are weird, look greasy, are gnarly, and are simply a trend that I wish never happened.

Slugs and snails ~ Pretty much anything that secretes mucous is considered freaky, disturbing, and disgusting to me.

And now that you know a lot more strange things about me I will end my post. The End.


  1. *laughs* these are definitely some freaky things to be freaked out by! Delightful post!
    Many Blessings,

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  2. Some great freaky things there. Snakes and anything that slithers freaks me out - oh and creatures that buzz!

  3. It seems a bit odd for a young lady who started life Amish to not like beards - or maybe that's why? What do you wear on your feet? You don't care for tennis shoes or crocs, and since you don't like toenails I'm guessing you don't like sandals, either.

    I don't mind handling potatoes, but I don't like to eat them. I think I'd just as soon eat library paste. Although the way I fix them, you probably couldn't tell the difference. My dad used to say my mashed potatoes were like boat caulking!

  4. Styrofoam is one of my 'freaky' things, as well as flip flops scraping across a dirty cement floor. These things drive me to my wits end, along with other things, such as chalk boards. I think chalk boards are even worst then the chalk. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Eek!

    My love,

  5. I'm with you on crocs... in't it strange how childhood events can effect us so badly? You'll be safe if you com to my blog tomorrow. No slugs or anything you have mentioned actually the whole A-Z but there are a couple of frogs at some point...~Liz

  6. Ha ha, this is really cute. Funny all the little things that bug us. By the way, have you ever read the Pillow Book? 11th century poetic journal of things in life a court lady found remarkable (or horrible). She has a hateful things section you might find amusing. Among other things, she says: a hair on one's inkstone, a clandestine lover and the dog starts barking...

  7. I just googled "shiver + thinking about flour" because the latter makes me do the former. Yours was, I think, the only relevant result. So it's not just me! Brrrrrr! My sister had a similar thing about the sound of kitchen paper being rubbed against itself, so I would naturally do this regularly to annoy her.


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