Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E ~ Essence of Life

     Instrumental music is my inspiration, for the little things that others find unimportant, for the big things that others find formidable. Naturally, since I love it so much, I have explored the wonders of many different composers, but my favorite one is BrunuhVille.

     BrunuhVille is a young man from Portugal who loves composing some of the most beautiful instrumental music. I love listening to his music while writing. It does wonders for my imagination. An added bonus is that he looks a lot like Frodo.
    Today I will be sharing one of his compositions "The Essence of Life".


  1. Beautiful music. He now has a new fan. I could listen to that all day long and in fact tomorrow, I think I will. Thanks for introducing us to your Frodo :)

    1. I agree with you for there are times that I listen to his abundance of beautiful instrumentals all day long! I am so glad you like him!

  2. I came to your blog by way of your mother's, and you write well too! I really enjoyed reading your A-Z posts so far.


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