Thursday, April 21, 2016

R ~ Rainbow Slides

     When I was but a little girl, and we were living in the Ozarks we used to have a splendid view across the rolling hills when we looked out the patio doors in our dining room. It used to be especially lovely when a rainbow was settled over it. I used to think when I get to heaven I'm going to slide down rainbows with angels.

     I think the saddest part of growing up is losing some of those innocent childhood dreams. It is one of my deepest wishes to never lose my enthusiasm for life and the beauty and surprises that it holds.


  1. Hi Lovely. What a beautiful vision you had of sliding down rainbows with angels! Thank you for sharing that and I can now picture it in my mind too. Love your blog and I look forward to reading it every morning. You and your mom have a wonderful gift of expressing your thoughts and feeling through words and such a joy for me to read.

  2. Aw ..... I remember that. Rainbow slides still sound like fun.

  3. comment about rainbows ended up in your Q if for Quote post..and you can quote me on that.:)


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