Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Curly Girl Handbook

  I had mentioned yesterday that I would be making a post about how my hair saw the light a few weeks ago.

  It all started on a sunny morning when my Mother handed the fateful Curly Girl Handbook to me. I somehow instantly felt that my life would be changed. I took the book and curled (sorry) up on the couch ready to read the book. And read it I did, every single last page.

  I felt as if I had just opened my eyes to caring for my curly hair. That night was the first time I gave my hair what it deserved. I threw out all of my shampoos and started anew following every direction the book gave me, from identifying what hair type I have, to how to wash that type, and how to style that type.

  I was smart enough to take before and after pictures so that you could see the amazing results too.

  This is a picture of my hair BEFORE I started the hair care program, on one of my better hair days.

  And this is a picture of my hair AFTER I followed the hair care program.

  Just in-case you would like to find out more about this book, here is the link.

Disclaimer. No one asked me to review this book, I just felt I needed to spread this wonderful thing to the world because I know there are girls out there who are not happy with their curly hair, and because I know just exactly how it feels to hate your hair. I wanted to let everyone know that there is a way that you can heal your hair and learn to love it, just like I did.


  1. That is quite a transformation! Good job!

    FYI: I've been following your mother's blog for a few years now.

  2. I like the before and after hair. Both are beautiful in their own way.

  3. My mom did the same thing!! Because of reading your blog! Except she didn't hand me the actual book...she handed me a post-it with the name of the book and your blog addy :)

    I got the Curly Girl Handbook on my Kindle and read 75% of it in one sitting. The Kindle edition has embedded videos so it took me longer than you since I was also "watching" the book.

    I have now embraced my curly hair...which continues to get curlier, since I'm taking care of it properly. What amazing freedom now that I'm not trying to make my hair something other than what God gave me!

    For the first time in my life, I like my hair au natural.

    So thanks BUNCHES for posting about the book and blogging in general! I've bookmarked your site and look forward to many hours of enjoyment in the future :)

    1. oops...I forgot...what shampoo do you use? Have you found a line of products that don't contain the bad ingredients she mentions in the book?

    2. I actually have found a splendid line of hair products specifically for curly girls that does wonders for curly hair. I use DevaCurl, you can find it on Amazon,I really love it.
      They actually have a botanical cleanser in place of shampoo and because of that my hair is so much healthier. I'm very glad that you love your hair now as well! I hope you find that DevaCurl is your hair's dream come true, since I know it was mine!


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