Monday, July 18, 2016

Sticky Notes


  1. You reminded me of sitting on the bleachers at too numerous to count soccer games. Scoreless games are the worst. May all of your future watched ball games be no more than nine innings with exciting scores, a happy summer breeze blowing to keep you cool, at a place where the sun is not in your eyes or heating your back, and you can stretch your legs at any time...possibly to stroll to a concession stand with superb homemade ice cream. There should be a word for this wish in Wonmieq.

    Did you know there are some German words that take a few sentences in English to explain? There is no direct translation word. I bet Wonmieq has some very creative words. :)

  2. My two eldest daughters had their own language. Sometimes, when they are visiting each other and don't want little ears to understand, they'll use it. My mum's family spoke German at home, and my parents used to speak to each other in French. The Squire and I use Cherokee.


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