Saturday, July 9, 2016


  I have been fortunately blessed with a bunch of fun-loving relatives that never fail to give us good times every time they visit. My Uncles are the best considering how mischievous and competitive they are and I was delighted to be able to capture a few moments from one of my Uncle's last visits.

  Every time my Mom's brothers come over my Dad is immediately sucked into a world of competitiveness and hilarity.  Seeing what my Dad and my Uncle (s) will go through just to reign victorious is hilarious and by far one of my favorite things about being visited by my Uncles.

  The following video is just a glimpse of what really goes on when we get competitive. (Sorry for the shakiness, apparently I can't hold a camera steady.

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  1. Aw ...... too bad your second video didn't load!


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