Friday, July 1, 2016

Awk+Awe ~ June

 Even though we were not as busy this month as we were last month I have still managed to have several humdingers of awkward moments and I shall proceed to let you know what they were.


Dashing out to the garage to yank the plug to my brother's blaring radio when my Mom's brother came to visit (he's Amish).

I was sitting in the back seat of our mini-van while my brother was driving cautiously. After he makes a remark about how a car is tailgating him I turn to glare at whoever it was and find myself pretty much face to face with some young dude who glared right back at me.

After talking for a while with my Dad's boss in her office I turn around to leave and march right into her private bathroom chambers instead of out the office door...... Much to not only her amusement but also to the employee she was talking to.

Being caught staring out the window by our mailman as he was putting things into our mailbox..

Tripping and flying on Sean's toy car out of the living room effectively ruining the dramatic exit I had been making in front of my parents.


Learning how to swim.

Feeling like a boss marching down one of Food Lion's aisles to Katy Perry's "Roar."

Getting to help my Mom make grape nuts in a very pioneer fashion.

Running out in the rain till I'm sopped.

Climbing with the help of a ladder into a very high but "safe" (My Mom thought otherwise) tree branch that I designated as a reading spot.

Having a picnic on our balcony (my fancy word for our top porch) with two of my best friends while it  was pouring down rain around us.

Reading "Last of the Breed" by Louis L'Amour.

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