Monday, March 30, 2015

3's of Me

 3 Names I go by ....
 (Since my Mother has a problem remembering my sister's or my name, she often calls us these instead)

Frieda Beth
Betsy Sue

3 Places I have lived ....
 (Though my family doesn't move often I have had the privilidge of living at these places)

A large and beautiful farmhouse
A log cabin in the Ozarks
A double-wide

3 Favorite drinks ....

(To me no other beverages even compare to my favorites)

Hot Cocoa
Birch beer

3 Places I have been ....
 (I love traveling, even though I don't get to very often these are some of my favorite places that I have visited)

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
White Sands, New Mexico
Niagara Falls

3 Favorite foods ....
(To me nothing is quite like walking into the kitchen and seeing my favorite foods on the table)

Chicken potpie 
Beef Wellington

3 Things I look forward to ....
 (My life is tons of fun but these things are pretty much like the icing on my cake)

My birthday
Back to school sales

3 Pets I have had ....
(These animals were all loved and adored by me when I was younger)

A Great Pyrenees, named Abby
A Beagle, named Trixie
And a cute little kitten, named Chocolate


  1. Your comments explaining the whys and wherefores of what you like are very nice. I'm one of five kids, and sometimes my mom used to name EVERY kid until she hit the right one. "Stef uh Steve uh Paula uh Ted uh JILL!" She should have just made one up! :-)

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  3. Goldie and I miss Trixie too! Love your Blog! I am just reading it for the first time and I am smiling! Thank you for sharing...miss you!

    1. I miss you too, and I hope all is well with you and Goldie.

      Diane and Eldon wish to say "I miss you" too.


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