Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tea for Two ~ New Year's Goals

  If you have read my list of new year goals and aspirations you probably knew that I wanted to have a tea party this year. As it so happens, I have just recently had a positively splendid tea party with Diane. Both of us loved every bit of it and had the most wonderful time.

  I spent all morning prepping for the tea, between folding napkins into a flared fan and trimming them with lace, to making sure my scones were light and flaky, I had a pretty busy time of it.

  Then, once we were all dressed and everything was ready we were quite positive that you couldn't possibly have such a tea party without having appropriate names, so in a short manner of time I created place cards with new and improved names to go by. I was Countess Esmeralda DuPont, while Diane was Lady Arabella Grindelwald.

  We had a positively smashing time. Naturally we had to have English accents and spent our whole tea party discussing our imaginary maids and footmen, we boasted about our excellent stable masters, and deprecated our carriage men. Not to forget we gossiped heartily about the Dutchess of Buckleberry, and easily passed snide comments concerning Americans. Naturally we almost choked laughing over our cucumber sandwiches when we realized that we were Americans, not actually Ladies and Countesses.

  Such pleasantries lasted for well over an hour and then our tea turned to a close. That was most likely one of the most fun things I have done so far this year.


  1. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Now, you know that one of the duties and privileges of being royal is to do good works. You have to be the Patron of this or that charitable organization - supporting orphanages, homes for war widows, and the like. Even helping the ASPCA or the RSPCA is a worthwhile endeavor. I know you mum raised her children to be loving and giving, so this is no problem for you.

    Best of luck in your "new life"!

  2. What a fun post! Now that is the way to start off the new year, doing one thing that was on your list of things to do in 2017!

  3. How fun! I love tea, tea parties, tea rooms. It's my mission while we are living in Virginia to search out local tea rooms. Sadly, two of the ones that were here closed in the two years we were gone, but a new one opened and we enjoyed a Christmas tea there in December. Do you read Tea Time magazine?

    1. Oh my! I terribly apologize, such a long time has passed but I came across your comment and after realizing that you asked me a question I felt it deserved an answer. I do not read Tea Time Magazine, but it sounds so intriguing. Where did you find it?


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