Friday, January 6, 2017

Favorite Things ~ Daddy Daughter Dates

  It all started at around one o'clock in the afternoon. I was toasting a batch of cinnamon almond granola and it filled the kitchen and school room with the delightful aroma of warm cinnamon. Then upon checking my email I discovered that my dearest dad went and asked me out on a date for that evening, in a very flowery way too. In a matter of moments it was all arranged. He would be home at around five thirty in the evening and we would go out to eat.
  Naturally, I just had to dress up. When five thirty rolled around Dad was ready to go and so waving goodbye I was escorted out of the house and away we drove.

  The whole evening was terribly beautiful since it was snowing large fluffy flakes. We talked for a while and then we arrived at the Cornucopia which is really the most darling-ly rustic and charming restaurant. We had a friendly waitress serving us that evening and I enjoyed every bit of my time. Dad being the photographer that he is, snapped several pictures of the Cornucopia.

  The evening was filled with many random spurts of hilarity because my Dad and I both cracked up laughing over the absurd stone pig that resided on the fireplace hearth in the restaurant. I would have a picture to share with you but neither of us wanted to get up from our table and be seen taking a picture of that garish pig with it's huge candy cane bow tied around it's neck. But my Dad did make me pose for a picture with the fireplace in the back, if you look hard enough you'll see the corner of the pig's ear, and a bit of its ribbon in the background.

  I suppose I went a little out on a limb that evening with my order because I chose a spicy Korean brisket sandwich with chow mien noodles, snap peas, and various peppers. After my dad and I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious artichoke bruschetta we took several pictures of our food and so on, making sure to document our evening.

  By far the most hilarious thing about the whole evening was the fact that my Dad had such a huge case of order envy. He had chosen a barbecue chicken pretzel roll sandwich but compared to my huge, laden with juicy toppings, sandwich, his' dwarfed in size, however we shared my sandwich then so all was good.

  The air once we left the Cornucopia was so magical. The night was falling and all around us twinkling white lights illuminated the millions of floating snowflakes. I think it was because of the ethereal air that Dad and I felt so inclined to prolong our night.

  We browsed through a local tourist's shop amusing ourselves by how the poor tourists don't realize everything is horridly overpriced. While browsing the shop I was so entranced with the gorgeous rolling pins that were being displayed.

   And then I was both terrified and struck silly by the ridiculous stuffed animals for sale.


   Then after Dad had me pose in front of the shop we set home, talking the entire time.

  I had such a splendid evening.

  Since I didn't directly address what the point of this post was, it was to say that Dad-Daughter time is another one of my favorite things.


  1. You are blessed to have such a wonderful Dad. And I love those fancy rolling pins. Some swell.

  2. On future dates with other fellows, never forget that they need to be as outstanding a date as your father. Accept nothing less or you'll have to tell the next date will come "when pigs fly!"

  3. What an absolutely wonderful evening! One that will live in your memory forever.


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