Monday, January 16, 2017


Reading..... Anne of Avonlea, I took a break from it for a week or so but now I'm back to reading and am loving every bit of it.

Writing..... Apart from the obvious blog post, I'm still working on my book. It's taking me ages because apparently I'm suffering from my biggest case of writer's block ever.

Listening..... I hear the static in my earbuds since I'm actually not listening to music at the moment, as if you can imagine that! And I can hear my siblings playing a game.

Thinking..... That the keys on my keyboard are such a delight. They have the perfect amount of clicky-ness.

Smelling..... I smell popcorn because it's being munched on while my Dad watches some kind of sport.

Wishing..... I am wishing that I could get to see my dear friends more often. I have a good friend that lives several hundred miles away and we hardly ever get to see each other.

Hoping..... That I can muster the will that's necessary to write in my book.

Wearing..... Jeans, a Steelers shirt, and a messy bun.

Loving..... My little notebook that I turned into into a mini kitchen notebook.

Wanting..... A pretty little bag for when I go back to my homeschool group. Last semester I was known for my hideously oversized bags.

Needing..... To look up apricot oil on Amazon, one of my friends recommended that I incorporate it into my skincare routine.

Feeling..... Content and excited because my home school group is having a field trip to our local cheese factory towards the end of this month.

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