Thursday, January 5, 2017

Facts about Me

  I am feeling quite random today, and what goes better with random than even more randomness? Today, I will be sharing several random facts about me.

Random Facts About Me

  1.  Granola is my very favorite food.
  2.  My favorite number is seventeen.
  3.  Health, Nutrition, and Anatomy are my favorite subjects in school, plus vocabulary, I adore long words.
  4.  I can't write neatly if my paper isn't slanted outrageously.
  5.  I have been known to spend hours reading cookbooks.
  6.  I prefer simplicity over extravagance.
  7.  Mustard and peanut butter grahams are my favorite snack.
  8.  I have never met a fruit I didn't like.
  9.  I prefer reading books during the late evening and night.
  10.  I always abhorred geometry but recently realized that trigonometry is even worse.
  11.  I can't draw properly unless the muse is upon me.
  12.  My cursive is hardly legible.
  13.  When I was twelve I stubbed my toe so hard I broke it.
  14.  My favorite singers are Jaime Grace, Toby Mac, and Indila.
  15.  I lay perfectly still when I lie down to sleep.
  16.  I can't stand having my feet uncovered when I use a blanket.
  17.  I abhor Brazil  nuts.
  18.  Winter evenings spent reading and snacking are my favorite.
  19.  I love the song "Moon River."
  20.  Dresses are my my favorite kind of clothing.
  21.  I used to randomly crash into large, damage inflicting objects when I rode my bike. 
  22.  I love the smell of warm cinnamon.
  23.  I used to be fascinated with green roses when I was six.
  24.  French numbering gives me a headache.
  25.  I love making lists about everything.
  26.  I love British Baking books, I'll never not be amused when I see the phrase "granary baps."

  And that's it for today. I know that usually I like to compose moderately sized, flowery entries and exits but not today my friends, goodbye. 

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