Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bits and Bobs (Yes that's a British Phrase)

  I know I have slacked on blogging lately but I have a relatively good reason why. You see I have been busy with school, French studies, and lots of writing, just not here on my little blog.  Even though I don't have enough information on a single subject to give you a delightfully long and juicy post, I have have a sufficient amount of information on multiple subjects to give you a delightfully fluffy post consisting of Bits of Bobs.

  If you are wondering what is up with my strangely confusing choice of wording today, I have a very simple explanation. This morning after school I watched several re-runs of Good Eats. Need I say more? In fact I could give you lengthy paragraphs on how Curry is actually only a stereotype Indian food but I shall refrain.

  Now because I went and named this post "Bits and Bobs" before I even started writing I suppose it only makes sense that I should now divulge some Bits and Bobs of information from my life.

  A few weeks ago my second cousins came over to visit and everyone (other than my Mom and Diane who stayed home to prep dinner) went down to a nearby trail to hike. The vehicle that we were using as our means of transportation (My Dad's F-350) didn't have enough room to fit everyone inside so my second cousins, Eldon, and I were left to climb into the back of the truck. It doesn't sound like much of a problem at all, and actually kind of even sounds like fun, right? WRONG!! I was wearing a black skirt so having to hunch in the back of a dirty truck surrounded by a bunch of your guy second cousins was no picnic trying to remain properly ladylike. Once we left for the trail I thought I would be fine but naturally I wasn't. The wind was strong so my hair came out of its neat little bun and starting flying all over my face making that I couldn't see a thing, and because of all the excessive wind, my cheeks were flapping around like an old hound dog.  Besides that all of those guys I spoke of earlier immediately launched into a lengthy discussion of what kind of truck they prefer, and how many horsepower they guessed a certain truck had and other utterly boring factoids.

  Yesterday while walking to our barn across the road I stepped on something on the grass that popped like a large pimple. Curious, I crouched down, pulled the grass apart and went screaming all the way up to the barn after seeing I had just squished a little frog.

  Do you know what my friends? I feel victorious because I have finally finished The Fellowship of the Ring but 'ere break of day' I had started reading The Two Towers. Who am I kidding, I don't feel victorious, I feel helpless. As much as I love Lord of the Rings movies, and I do enjoy a lot about the books, they are heavy, slow reading.

  On the subject of school I have an interesting tale to tell. My Vocabulary Professor, upon looking at him, appears to the average person as a normal, middle aged, kindly, guy. So picture this. There I was at my desk, notebook and pen in hand, ready to become the next genius of the century, and he begins his half hour lecture. He opens his mouth and begins yapping about Procrustean people, factotums, and various other horrors I truly don't care about. You know how the average person gestures with his hands for emphasis while speaking? Well he starts talking about how his teaching will broaden my mind and then BAM!! His legs bend, and he half lunges, half squats. Not sure if that really just happened I straightened my back and opened my eyes a little bigger and then BAM, once again his head disappears from view. One hundred and eighty five times did he bounce across his classroom. I wasn't sure I could possibly stand another one of his cardio sessions this school year but then he goes and says his love for words first began when his father read "Lord of the Rings" to him as a boy, and then my friends, all was well and I shall continue enjoying his class.


  1. I thought you were homeschooled.

  2. Usually, frogs and toad will jump out of your way. You must have been really moving for it not to have time to escape. At least you don't mention being barefoot. THAT would have been the icing on the cake, I'm sure. Blick!

    1. I don't know how I forgot to mention it, but I actually was barefoot. I don't think I can ever forget that terrifying feeling of frog juices gurgling up between my toes....


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