Wednesday, August 3, 2016


  I am a few days late with my Awk+Awe post, but for a relatively good reason.
  On Monday we started school again so I have been very busy with Inductive reasoning in Geometry, and various other atrocities.

  Some how I didn't really have any awkward moments this last month so in place of Awkward, I will have "Awful" instead.


Sitting down to Geometry with high hopes that are immediately bashed when the phrase "Inductive Reasoning, Egyptians/ Babylonians" fills the computer screen.

(This is not as awful as it is creepy) Turning around outside to see a cat's brilliant green eyes glowing out of the darkness.

Having to go to bed at 9 so that I can get sufficient sleep, it's like constant crunch time around here.

Burning my thumb while removing Blackberry Cobbler from the oven.

Having only half of my earbuds actually working. (It makes for a terribly strange experience.)


Finding out that some of my favorite french songs are sung by the Chipmunks.

Getting to walk out onto our waterfall ledge with Diane.

Watching "The Avengers" with one of my friends.

Discovering a pretty amazing, relatively unknown french artist, Louane

Being evaluated in my French studies and being told I am now 24% fluent.

Finally being happy with my handwriting.

And last but not least, I didn't really know what to mark this as because it wasn't awesome, it wasn't awkward, and it wasn't awful... Walking about a mile to deliver mail to our Amish neighbors. (Their little boys that had been playing outside and leaped through their windows when they spotted us coming. It was one of the funniest sights ever!)

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