Friday, August 12, 2016

Beauty, It is Found on the Inside....

   Though I am pretty much known for writing things on the "fluffier" side, considering that recently a few negative things were said to a person very dear to me I have decided to bring up the subject we have all heard about time and time again, true beauty is found on the inside.

   I have a few pretty solid beliefs about what beauty looks like and because I have the opportunity as of right  now, I shall tell you what I believe...

   There are plenty of different opinions on what is considered to be really pretty, but have you ever noticed that the girl with braces, braids, and a lisp  but is always smiling and offering a kind word to every person she meets, she cares for everyone and has quite the reputation for being sweet tempered and friendly, is really beautiful. The beauty in her soul oozes out and to anyone who knows her, sees only beauty. She lights up other people's lives where ever she goes. While on the other hand the pretty person has a vulgar tongue, bitter heart, and doesn't think twice before saying something hurtful. When worded bluntly like that it is quite obvious who the most beautiful person is and too many people forget what true beauty looks like.

   My Mother, in my eyes is very beautiful, not because of her physical appearance but because of how she cares for all of my siblings and I, and always has a ready smile for my Dad when he comes home from work, she makes a wonderful listener and advisor, she cares for us, always helping us through every trouble we might be having, and has quite wisely (with the help of my Dad)  taught us all about God so that when anything ever goes wrong we can not only turn to our parents but to God as well. Her laughter, her love, her kindness, and really everything that she is, makes her one of the most beautiful people in the world.

   I have developed a list of how I view people.

It doesn't matter how thin a person is if she doesn't have a big heart.

It doesn't matter how sweet a person looks if their words are rancid.

It doesn't matter how much a person diets if she doesn't restrict her tongue.

It doesn't matter how clean-cut a person is if God views her soul as dirty. 

It doesn't matter how often a person works out if she stores bitterness within.

It doesn't matter how stunning a person looks if she sports an ugly, displeasing attitude.

   And always remember that God made you just the way you are and in His eyes you are viewed as beautiful, and in heaven you shall be as exquisite beings.

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