Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ten Things ~ Fave Actors

  I hardly think I am the only person that gets that insanely bubbly, warm and fuzzy kind of feeling by watching their favorite of very favorite actors doing what they do best in all of that person's favorite movies. I have collected quite a list of favorite actors over the years so having to make a list of only ten of my favorite actors kind of posed as a problem to me but I have eventually picked my favorite of favorite actors to name in this post.

  My Favorite Actors. (Just a note, I have listed them in random order, it would be too hard to summarize which is my favorite actor from all of my other favorite actors, if anything that I just wrote made sense.)

#1. Viggo Mortensen ..... First of all to explain his name, (which I happen to love saying) he is of Danish origin so that explains that. Why is he one of my favorite actors? Well he is a pretty awesome actor and always takes the movie-watcher on a very surreal journey. He truly becomes Aragorn, for example.

#2. Martin Freeman ..... Need I truly give a reason?

#3. Sean Astin ..... He is an undeniably magnificent actor and somehow he makes me feel all of his 'acting' emotions right along with him. How many actors can do that?

#4. John Rhys-Davies ..... Now this one is obvious, he is a riot to watch and never fails to bring a smile to my face. (He is Welsh by the way.)

#5. Billy Boyd ..... He is also an insanely good actor, you know it's kind of hard trying to think of different ways I can compliment all of these actors. (He is Scottish.)

#6. Dominic Monaghan ..... Naturally I couldn't possibly list Billy Boyd without putting Dominic right beside him. (He is German, born to British parents.)

#7. Lee Pace ..... He played Thranduil, and was insanely epic in his own right, My mom actually abhors the person he portrays but she just doesn't appreciates his graceful malice like I do.

#8. Lily James ..... I like her best for her role as Cinderella, breathtaking really. (She is British.)

#9. Rachel Khoo ..... Though she is not technically considered an actor, she was a TV personality and was far too awesome to overlook. Besides I absolutely love her on her former shows Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook, and  Little Paris Kitchen.(She is British.)

#10. Julie Andrews .....  I have to be honest and say that I thought there were two famous Julie Andrews up till just a few moments ago when I discovered that both my beloved spunky governess in The Sound of Music and stately former queen in Princess Diaries are both played by Julie Andrews. Yes, I am momentarily at loss for words. (She is British.)

  Somehow this list left me feeling empty, it feels completely barbaric to list only ten favorite actors, but you know the saying, "You made your post, now post it." Actually I just made that up but whatever, it works.

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