Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ten Movies I Love

   The general idea of curling up under a blanket, bowl of popcorn in hand, and watching a movie while it rains outdoors has always sounded like a good time and lately since this May weather has been depressingly dismal I have had a lot of time to do just exactly that.

  There are certain movies that I love completely. While watching these my mind can be found wandering past the immediate images of the movies and digging a little deeper. Somewhere along the the line I have formed an attachment to each of those movies. Just hearing their names being spoken my mind flies back to when I was laughing (or crying) while watching them.

  Today I have decided (as you might have guessed from the title of this post) to list 10 of my all time favorite movies. They are as follows.

Ten movies I love

1. The Princess Diaries

2. The Princess Diaries 2. A Royal Engagement

3.  Tangled

4. The Hobbit Movies

5. The Lord of the Rings Movies

6. Cinderella (The one with Lily James)

7. Eloise At Christmas Time

8. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

9. The Sound of Music

10. Pride and Prejudice (The one with Keira Knightly)

  There are two strange facts about me when it comes to me watching movies. #1. I find I always tilt my head slightly to the left when watching a movie. #2. When watching a sad or scary part in a movie I hide behind a blanket with only my eyes peeping out.


  1. I love all those movies too. Another favourite of mine is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It's filled with all kinds of emotion and the perfect watch for a rainy day. Highly recommend it :) I tend to pluck my eyebrows with my fingers when I watch movies. Most annoying for my husband who constantly says: Fingers Nici :):)

  2. There's a lot of movies I really like a lot. I love a lot of old black and white movies with the big name stars. Some of my all time favs: It's a Wonderful Life, The Pirates of the Caribbean series, Old Yellow, McClintock, and a favorite of our whole family: Second Hand Lions. If you've never seen that one, you must! Hilarious.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  3. One of my favorite movies of all time is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! I am the only one who ever chooses to watch it though.... 😊

  4. I also liked Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Two other good movies were The Bishop's Wife and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. And almost anything with Alec Guinness or Peter Sellers.

  5. Congratulations on the Liebster award! I dont have a list of all time 10 favourite movies but the Lord of the Rings movies, Princess Diaries and The Sound of Music are quite likely to find a place on my list!! :)


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