Monday, May 9, 2016

Biking Adventures.

  Since I lived (and still do) in the country, most of my adventures were had on my bike. My first bike was a small, pink, Barbie bike that I loved to no end. It has actually come through a lot during my younger years and now lays in pieces out in my Dad's garage.

  Today I will be describing in short paragraphs the adventures I have had on that bike.

#1.  My brother and I were of the competitive sort when we were little kids so we could be easily found racing our bikes down our long driveway, or perhaps showing off some new stunt in front of our parents. One particular day Eldon and I had called Mom to look at our new stunt as we raced to the mail box. After Mom had arrived Eldon and I each wanted to be the most epic. I don't really know how it happened other than probably trying to watch Mom to see how impressed she was with our stunts instead of paying attention to what we were doing, but the next thing I know Eldon and my bike smack into each other and we go crashing to the ground. We weren't hurt but I don't think we were as eager to show off anymore.

#2.  Soon after we moved to where we live now, Eldon and I took our bikes determined to face the challenge presented by the massive hill that was behind our barn. I can still see us sweating our bikes up that long field lane thinking that our struggles would never end. Somehow we reached the top of the hill and Eldon and I positioned our bikes, looked at each other as if daring the other to try and beat him, and went flying down that hill. I can tell you, I have never been more afraid for my life than that ride. My feet had flown off of the pedals which were spinning so fast that I couldn't regain my footing. Let me paint a picture for you. There I was, a little girl on a pink bike, flying down a hill with her feet shooting out on either side of her, a horrified expression on her face as she bounced over rocks, screaming as she flew in and out of the ditch. Finally at the bottom I went flying over a water trench before managing to stop myself. Sadly Eldon won, which was really all I was upset with.

#3.  For the longest time I wore dresses when I went biking and for several weeks I could be found speeding through our yard with my skirts billowing in the wind. Then one day my dress got caught in my bike chain. Which wasn't that horrible unless you count me having to stand helplessly attached to my bike while Eldon ran into the to get my Mom. She tried to free me, but the dress was caught really badly. She finally went into the house and got a big bath towel. With it wrapped around me, I left my dress with my hungry bike and ran to the house.  I'm still a little sad that my favorite blue dress got destroyed that day, even though I would have outgrown it a long time by now.


  1. Guardian angels sure are kept busy protecting when it comes to kids and bikes. So glad you were kept safe and can tell the tales.
    During my tricycle days, my friend Cindy and I decided I'd stand on the back of her trike and we'd try the hill down to her house. Needless to say, flailing legs, broken eyeglasses and scratches from blackberry bushes were involved. Only made it half way down the hill.

  2. Great memories. One of my earliest memories was when I was four years old. At nursery there was one large three wheeler bike in the play area outside. When break time came near, I always waiting at the door to be first in line to race for that bike. It was great. When I was older, about 8 or 9, my whole street used to have bike races round the block. It was a quiet neighbourhood, except for our noise :) I never won, even though I laughed a lot. Nowadays, my husband despairs of me. I have a great bike and he loves to ride but I'm slow. My excuse is that my legs are too short but reality is I'm unfit and have no strength AND I like to take in the view as I'm riding, not just whizz past everything :):) Thank you for a lovely post.


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