Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bucket List

  I have come to the conclusion that life is way too short to just fritter away all of my time doing nothing but dreaming of what I will "someday" accomplish. And because of that conclusion I have created a bucket list and am working on completing it.

  As all of you have probably guessed by now, today I will be sharing my bucket list with you.

My Bucket List.

Complete a scrapbook.

See a Broadway musical.

Go on a sleigh ride.

Make my own recipe book.

Jump off of a waterfall.

Visit the Eiffel Tower.

Smash a pie in someone's face.

Throw a dart at a map and travel to where ever it lands. .

Go to a concert.

Make every thing in a cookbook.

Get my driver's license.

Shop in Paris.

Say "Yes" for a whole day.

Go ziplining.

Learn how to swim.

Become a professional baker.

Become fluent in French.  

  I have already accomplished several of my previous bucket list goals and I am working on several others right now. Thanks to one of my readers I will be attending a concert very soon and therefore complete another lifetime goal!


  1. Learning French seems like it will help in a few of your other bucket contents. Have you ever tried duoling.com? It's a free website/app for learning various languages. My daughter is learning French on it and seems to like it very much. Review and oral practice are built in the program. Hope you like the concert. :)

  2. oops-- I meant to type duolingo.com

  3. You have some pretty neat things on this list :) Would you mind if I made a post like this on my blog? (with a link to your blog, since I got the idea from you)

    1. Sure go right ahead, I can't wait to see what you'll have on your list!


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