Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Besides left over Easter goodies, what's something currently kept in a basket at your house?

 My sister and I share a bedroom and a small closet, not all our clothing actually fits into the closet, so we store quite a few clothes in a large basket.

2. 'The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.' ~Michelangelo Buonarroti 

So which one are you...the one who aims too high, or the one who aims too low? Have you ever seen The Sistine Chapel? Did you know Michelangelo's surname prior to answering this question?

I most definitely aim too high, even simple things like summer picnics, and birthday dinners show that.

 And no, I did not know Michelangelo's surname. 

3. April 7th is National Beer Day. Hmmm...wonder how that's celebrated? Do you like beer? Have a favorite? If you're not a beer drinker do you have any recipes you enjoy cooking that call for beer?

I am still a smidgeon to young to drink beer, not that I have any plans to once I'm old enough, and we don't cook anything with beer either.

4. When did you last travel somewhere new? Tell us where? How'd it go?

Hmm this doesn't really qualify but a few weeks ago my Mom, Diane, and I went to a birthday party that was lots of fun even though it was a rainy day.

5. The value of _________________________is greatly overrated.

I have to say that the value of  fitting in with everyone else is greatly overrated, and even though you probably have heard this hundreds of times, You don't have to try being someone that you're not.

6. What's a pet peeve of yours when it comes to restaurant dining?

 To a normal person (yes I'm saying I'm abnormal) this would not bother anyone, but me being sarcastic makes that when a waiter, or waitress asks you "are you finished with that" when your plate is completely empty is awfully annoying, I'd love to say "No thanks, I'd like to eat my plate too."

7. It's Poetry Month...share a favorite poem, either the title, a few lines you find meaningful, or the whole kit and caboodle.

  This happens to be my very favorite poem.

    Cruelty of Cooks

If you itemize the terms of cooks,
You'll find we quite deceive our looks.
The things we do sound very cruel,
Like fighting a one sided duel.

We beat the eggs, whip the cream,
Blow pudding up with hot steam.
We mash potatoes, slice the bread,
Tear apart the cabbages head.

We chop the onion, grate the cheese,
Lemons and oranges get a squeeze.
We burn the sugar, gash the steak;
The celery's heart we often take.

We skin the tomatoes, peel the pear,
Scrape the carrots everywhere.
We scald the milk, freeze the salad,
Strain the tea that's really pallid.

We prick the unsuspecting pie,
And remove the baby potatoes eye.
And then if that's not enough,
We smother chickens and other stuff.

Goodness knows what else we do;
I'm really quite abashed aren't you?
We do all this and never cry
'Til we get onions in our eye.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

I'm planning a birthday breakfast for my sister, Diane later this month. So far I know I'll be making chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, but still need to figure out the rest.


  1. Great poem you shared! The birthday breakfast you're planning sounds wonderful...chocolate anything is a win for me!

  2. What a wonderful poem! It took me a long time to quit feeling like I didn't fit in. It is liberating to not care so much.

  3. That's a cute poem. My youngest daughter would be very happy with a birthday breakfast that included chocolate chip pancakes : ) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi. I have been following your mom's blog for a long time. Just noticed the link to your blog today. So, I am starting at the beginning of your blog, as I did your mom's. I must say, I believe you have inherited writing skills from mom. I quite enjoy your writing style. Your pet peeve at the restaurant, cracked me up. It never ceases to amaze me, how people ask questions when the answer is obvious. Also, I loved that poem, Cruelty of Cooks. Never heard of it but very cute and true.


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