Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Speaking of April 15th...what's the most 'taxing' thing you've done recently?

 This very unfortunate and woeful thing did in fact happen to me five days ago. There I was sitting very cheerfully crocheting my last row of shells onto my afghan when lo and behold the most magnificent tangle came sliding out of my ball of yarn, after spending a tearful afternoon trying to undo the tangle, I finally gave up and finished my afghan with another ball of yarn.

2. When did you last take a taxi somewhere and where was that somewhere?

 I have never been in a taxi, but I have always wanted to jump into one and yell "Follow that car!"    That is actually on my Bucket List.

3. What's something you can do today that you couldn't do a year ago?

 Something that I can do now is crochet, I'm always busy crocheting something, whether it is a beanie, a pair of slippers, an afghan, or a shirt, crocheting is now my favorite hobby.

4. How often is chicken (in some form or fashion) on your menu at home? Which of the following would you most like to see on your table tonight...a chicken salad sandwich, your mom's fried chicken, a Chick-fil-A meal, Cracker Barrel's chicken n' dumplings, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or 'hold the chicken, I'm a vegetarian'...?

 I'm not just trying to be loyal or something, but nothing beats my Mom's fried chicken.

5. What was your favorite television program when you were a kid? What characters do you remember the most?

 My favorite television shows used to be Hazel and the Dick Van Dyke Show 

6. What was the last piece of 'art' you made?

 The last piece of "art" that I made was my Purple Mountain Majesty afghan which happened to give me a months worth of crocheting cramps while making it.

7. What frustrates you most about the Internet?

 Hmm lets see, considering that I'm an avid crocheter, watching tutorials for inspiration is not uncommon, but those five seconds I have to wait before I can skip an ad and watch the video always frustrate me.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Right now I think that a pan of cookie bars are beckoning to be made by me, so I guess off to the kitchen I go.


  1. I would love to see a picture of the afghan you mentioned. It sounds gorgeous.

  2. I don't bake a lot these days unless my girls are home or company is coming. We had an open house on Sunday and I made oatmeal choc chip cookies for potential buyers. Whatever it takes! They are too good and not something I should have in the house : )

  3. I feel your pain in regard to the yarn tangle! Grrrr. I'd like to get the crochet bug again. I've got a darling Viking helmet I'd like to make for a grandson but I haven't crocheted for a long time.

  4. Stopping by from the Wednesday Hodgepodge - it's my first week. Another vote for Mom's fried chicken!


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